"A Boblawless idea"


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A while back Mr Lawless had the very noble idea of pitching a check in the mail for the creator of this site...as a thanks for time and money spent to entertain us. How about an "unwritten" rule that any fly swap from this day forward includes an extra fly for Mr. Scoones? It is a meager gesture...but a gesture of thanks! Granted this would only happen if Chris makes his home address public.

Just an idea...

Thanks Chris!
I think it is a good idea too. but what would be better would be to set up a paypal account so noone has to give out an address. and would likely attract more donations since it would be easier to donate right over the internet. but that's up to Chris.

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Just send them to me and I will try them out. And if they are any good I will take them to him as I know where he lives.:rofl :rofl :rofl



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With all your talk of fishless days and alarm clock woes...I don't think you are a good "test pilot"...maybe MacRowdy?

Hey...we have to start thinking of hitting a river Jim! This time you better wake UP!:thumb


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On the home page there is actually a spot where you can make a donation to his paypal account. It is along the sponsors bar.
Thanks I didnt' see that there (man am I blind) no usually I have my page book marked to go straight to the forum. SO now I know I went made my donation! wooo-hhooo
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I tried to make a reply to the effect that Chris had flies coming out of his ears (well, not literally) and that paypal was a better idea. Reply got censored by Triggs I guess, as Chris said he was out of town and didn't see it.
I always get miffed when I take the time to write something and it is junked without explanation. Leads to hard feelings.

Bob, the pissed about thisx(
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I'm sure this will get censored to, but unless the person takes steps to make it not so, you can find out who registered a site and what address they gave at the time. This may not be relevant here, but you can use this to track down people, say if you order something and they don't ship it. They hate to get calls at home.
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Not "testing your limits" Chris. Just remarking that you would probably pull the post because the information I posted would quickly lead anybody interested to your name, address, phone, and email, which if you wanted posted, I assume you'd have on the site.

I also pointed out that since you had a paypal account, nobody would do this, but that it can be really useful information to know.

For instance I ordered something from a FF site which never delivered, nor answered any information through contacts posted on the site. So in 15 seconds I got them through the registry and called them at home.

I promise, I won't call you.

Deep breath everybody.