A couple of site issues

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    I would have mentioned this earlier but I figured you were busy chasing down more important bugs. :)

    When I'm viewing the thread topics and then click on the little icon to take me to new posts since my last visit I always wind up at the top of the page that the new posts are on instead of directly to the new post. This requires me to scroll down trying to find the post/s I haven't read. I know....I'm lazy...but it didn't used to be that way.

    I also miss the single click, return to forum button underneath the last post. - Again...I'm lazy but it was pretty handy before.

    When I get a private message there is always an advertisement next to the box where I type in my reply. I have no problem with the ads and I understand the need for them. But when I type in a reply my text disappears under that ad box. I'm a pretty shitty typist and it really helps to see what I'm typing when I'm doing it.

    I'm using a fully updated IE browser if that makes a difference.
    If my problems are user error - well - please don't ban me, I will try harder - I promise!