A couple pics from Pass Lake the other day...

Both Jon and I grew up in Maine and we both agreed that it's one thing to be outside in 0 degree weather and another to be partly submersed in cold water. Water has a completely different effect than air. Cold water just sucks the heat right out of your body! About 8 years ago I fell through the ice while ice fishing in about 6 feet of water. There was a spring hole that I could not see because of blowing snow. I drilled a hole about 20 feet from where I fell through and there was over a foot of ice, and when I started walking the ice just gave out from unerneath my feet. After I managed to crawl back to shore I had to walk a little over a mile back to my truck with a sub-zero wind blowing directly into my face. Needless to say I haven't been cold since that day!After a mild case of hypothermia I was fine...:thumb The picture is from a lake I was fishing last year. 40 mph wind, sub-zero temps, and a lake all to myself!

Hey Jon, congrats on your brownie:beer2 i too caught my first brown at pass lake and will never forget it. did it have big cow eyes? or talk to you? hehee bhudda
The rainbows were caught about 40-50' from shore using streamers & leaches and a full sink line, and the browns were caught by bouncing the fly off the shoreline then stripping it in. Let me know how you do. Bring some toe warmers to put in your waders if your going to be in a float tube! Good Luck
This is a picture of me fighting one of the rainbows to give you an example of how far away from shore I was. This was along the left side of the lake looking out from the launch.
That's where I like to fish too. Will give it a try. I think I don't fish deep enough so will let it all out until I hook something, probably bottom. Thanks.