A day at Teal

Fished Teal from about 7 am to 4 pm today. Caught more fish than I kept track of. It was hit or miss... I would hit 4 or 5 fish within a few minutes, then it would go dead for a while.

Caught fish pretty evenly split between soft hackles on a floating line, and mohair leech on an intermediete. If I could keep the leech out of the weeds, I caught fish. It was about that simple. I lost a monster early on after having my leech in the water for about 5 seconds. Hit like a freight train, then came flying up out of the water. Jumped several more times, then took off and spit the hook. It was a huge rainbow, easily over 20".

Figured out the fish seemed to like the soft hackle with a super fast retreive. They would absolutely annihilate that thing if I would retrieve it super fast, as if fishing for silvers. I flubbed a few casts now and then, and would strip my line in super quick to recast. Well after hooking fish several times while doing this, it dawned on me that they wanted it fast.

Came in around 9:30 for a bathroom break and was greeted by a game warden. Was nice to see him out and about, though I wish he would have been there later as I'm fairly sure some people were fishing bait off the dock.

Packed it in around 4 after catching plenty of fish. Headed home to mow the lawn. Fun day. May go back in the morning and let my son fish a fly/bubble off the dock.

Ed Call

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Nick, awesome report. There are a couple of keys that you mentioned in your post. Sometimes the things we learn happen because of something we think we did wrong. Fun place. I'm glad it is so close to home. I wish we had a river or few that close, but the lake is still fun. Good luck with the boy in the morning.
Indeed Ed. After about the 4th or 5th hookup when I was just stripping in my line for another cast, the lightbulb went off. I watched a few other people fishing super super slow, and there I was stripping like all get out and hooking fish like mad. Definitely will chalk that one up to a learning experience.

Also learned that I need to keep right on the edge of the drop off with my leech in order to fish it effectively. Too far on one side, and its hanging up on the weeds every cast. Too far on the other side and nothing doing. But keep it right at the edge, and its game on. Good times.