A double on the Yak

I drove out to Red's today to attend a meeting with some local irrigators, reps from the Dept of Ecology and the regional conservation district, WDFW, and some concerned anglers, about water quality and agricultural runoff in Wilson Creek.

The meeting ended about 3pm. I had to be back in Seattle by 7, but I figured I had an hour or so, so what the hell? I rigged up and threw a few casts around the debris fans at mile 20.

After about a half hour I hooked a nice trout on a madam-x that jumped high out of the water several times and otherwise made a fine account of himself. He measured almost 13" (it's 12" from the crook of my elbow to the middle of my palm), was perfectly proportioned and beautifully marked, a perfect little wild Yakima rainbow, the kind of thing that makes me happy my life has worked out how it has.

I released the fish and stood up. There at my feet, bobbing around with some sticks and other flotsam, was an unopened beer. A Bush Light, not my favorite, but river cold, and it's not often that God offers me congratulatory beers. You don't look that sort of thing in the mouth.

I cracked it, drank it down, watched some of the local talent float by, made a few more cursory casts, and drove home happy. I'll have to chalk it up as one of my better days on the river.


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That is a nice ending to what sounds like a productive day on/about the Yakima.

Is there anything good coming out of your meeting with those different user groups that you can share with us?



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You're lucky. Many an unsuspecting angler have been hooked and dragged into the depths after falling for the Bush Light lure. It's a little known phenomenon of the fish getting even...

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I forgot what I was supposed to remember.

I had a experience just about like the beer thing. Was up fishing the Miller River one time and came across 9 beers laying in the river at a wide spot in the road close to the river,a small spot for camping. They seem to have made it into my truck and then into me. I didn't catch to much that day,but I didn't seem to mind at all. I think that I was happy none the less

:beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 :beer1 This many:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

Be careful about the BEER!

>>Warning for Men
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Be careful about the BEER!

Apparently, Ray, you were one lucky fishermen, according to the remarks made by some of the intellectuals who frequent this site. You caught a lovely fish. You got a nice free beer. You escaped a lot of sexual molestation by horny women who are known to frequest the Yakima.

I reported on this in my story about "Nude on the Yakima."
Man, were you lucky that day or what? Did you see any white roses in the area?
Bab:rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes
Be careful about the BEER!

Saw a guy fly fishing with an empty beer can on the end of his leader once. Thought it must be a joke. Second cast & this tattoo'd freak comes surging out of the depths and makes a one-handed grab, immediate tossing back of the head followed closely by the beer can, and when he realized he'd been "suckered" rejected the offering and dove back into the depths of the pool. See the video "Ski Movie" & you can enjoy this hilarious clip too. TOO FUNNY FOR WORDS (almost anyway) The scene with the million dollar shootout ain't bad either. Sorry for going off the deep end uh, I mean topic, I digress:smokin

The meeting went OK I guess. I'm fairly cynical about this sort of thing, so I'm wary when everybody is telling me how alright everything is going to be.

It appears that DOE doesn't have a lot in the way of teeth when it comes to regulating water quality related to irrigation impacts, and so the 10-year plan to clean up Wilson Creek appears to be little more than voluntary. With that said, it appears that the irrigators HAVE made some progress over the past year or so, and they claim to be committed to meeting the goals of the plan. I guess we'll have to see.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, a similar plan in the lower valley below Yakima has apparently resulted in the river being much cleaner than it was, according to people who I do trust. So at this point I suppose I'm willing to let it play out, especially since there doesn't seem to be much choice. The plan itself seems reasonable enough (I guess I'd prefer something a little quicker than 10 years, but...), as long as the irrigators actually stick to it. Let's all hope.

MG: A nice, tamper-resistant, factory-sealed can. I'm not an ingrate, but I'm no dope either.;)
Great Story!!! I and a friend had simialr happen to us while on a guided trip with The Evening Hatch several weeks ago. Ours was a 24 ouncer! You can read the story in the testimonial section on the Hatch's Web page.

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