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    Was going through my email and found this...unfortunately I was out of town when it was sent and so could'nt post it in time, it took place yesterday. Did anybody else know about this and/or attend?

    WHEN? Thursday, March 23rd WHERE? Columbia River Maritime Museum
    Arrive by 12:45 PM 1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR
    WHAT’S HAPPENING? On March 23rd, Congressman David Wu and Oregon state legislators will join
    sport, commercial and tribal fishermen and their families, fishing business owners, and other salmon and
    steelhead advocates to rally for real solutions to salmon and steelhead recovery. Up and down the West Coast,
    fishermen and fishing communities are being hurt by the general failure of the federal government’s salmon recovery
    efforts. Now, the administration is seeking to further limit -- and even eliminate -- sport and commercial fishing as
    the “solution” to dwindling Columbia and Snake River salmon runs. This policy unfairly targets fishermen while
    ignoring both sound science and sound economics. It is time for the federal government to step up and address the
    real causes of salmon decline, including the lethal impact of dams and habitat destruction, and focus on real solutions
    to protect and enhance our livelihoods, our communities and our Northwest way of life.
    WHO’S SPEAKING? Congressman David Wu, Oregon state representative Deborah Boone, and representatives
    from the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, the Northwest Guides and Anglers Association,
    Salmon for All, Association of NW Steelheaders, and other organizations.
    WHY YOU NEED TO BE THERE: Your community needs you! It is imperative that we demonstrate strong,
    unified public opposition to this plan. We need to SEND A MESSAGE to local, regional, and federal agencies and
    officials, the press, and the public that the new fishing policies will NOT achieve salmon recovery and that they will
    damage our economy and our Northwest way of life. Help us demonstrate strong public support for healthy
    salmon and healthy communities - please bring your families & friends, and post the rally details on your
    website or listserv, etc.
    SCHEDULE FOR THE DAY: Please plan on arriving no later than 12:45 PM. Upon arrival, find a Save Our
    Wild Salmon coalition volunteer in order to get signs, stickers, buttons and other materials. Our first speaker will
    kick the rally off at 1PM. The salmon BBQ will begin promptly after the rally. It is important that fishermen and
    business owners wear clothing that reflects their trade or organizational affiliation for the best photo opportunities.
    You can bring your boat with you! We especially need boats on trailers as there is little moorage at the museum.
    We will have spokespersons available to talk with reporters. If a reporter asks for your thoughts on the new salmon
    policies and you wish to comment, you can use these talking points as a reference.
    • The new federal policy targets fishermen while ignoring the harmful impacts of dams. The
    administration’s decision to target fishermen while ignoring the huge numbers of salmon killed by the Snake
    River dams defies both good science and sound economics. Further reducing or shutting down the fishing
    will not recover wild salmon and steelhead, but it WILL mean the loss of jobs and income in the Northwest.
    • As fishermen, we have already sacrificed a lot. And we are willing to continue to make the sacrifices
    necessary to ensure the future of salmon for our families and communities. We are simply asking that others
    across the region step up to do their part as well. That means looking at all options – including removing the
    four lower Snake river dams – to develop real salmon solutions that don’t put the full burden of recovery on
    the backs of fishing families.
    • Salmon recovery can be achieved in partnership with careful and conservative harvest practices. We
    agree that responsible monitoring and management of fishing must remain a key part of any strategy, and we
    are willing to do our part. However, denying people the right to fish can’t and won’t solve the problem, and
    will result in huge economic losses for all of the Pacific salmon states.
    Location: Columbia River Maritime Museum, 1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR
    The museum is located on the waterfront, close to the center of Astoria. The rally will be held on the plaza
    outside of the museum. In the case of inclement weather, we will have access to indoor facilities. If the
    weather is not severe, we will hold the rally outdoors, so please wear appropriate clothing.
    Parking: There is parking at the museum. If you will be bringing a boat on a trailer, please contact SOS so
    that we can reserve a spot for you up front. We will arrange off-site parking and shuttles if necessary, but
    please try to carpool or join one of the caravans from Portland and Seattle if possible.
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    There was a post in the events section for this and I posted at the end of your post. I went down to help set up and help out. I was there for only a short time. I got a call and needed to head back up to Gig Harbor, 7 hours of driving was not easy on the back. There was supposed to be a fishery opener on the Columbia that day but they held off so all the local fisherman could atttend. Looking at it you could say it appeared to be focused at the commercial fishermen but that is far from it. It is about getting all types of fishermen on common ground to be unified in their voice. Congress will not hear us if we are divided. I will post when I hear about the outcome of the rally.
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    I also heard about it too late, as I had a doctor's appointment to keep yesterday that I didn't want to postpone. I found out about this on Tuesday. I didn't post anything, as I wasn't planning on attending, myself, and I figured it was widely publicized. My bad. Fumbled the ball.:eek:

    Thanks for the report, Mike.


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