A few more Fling photos


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Enclosed are pics of our rigs on the trip over, Jesse on Beth Lake, Beth Lake, some of the fine Okonogan scenery on the drive to Roper's place, the scene of the Fling, some shots of Roper and Steve loading Mona on top of Sally Fay(OOO-OOOO!) and finally arriving back at the homestead after a great time.

Had I taken my camera on the boat with me there would have been pics of thick deep bodied rainbows, big Lahontan cutthroat and beautiful brightly colored brook trout. And some pictures of 13", 14" and 16" crappies taken off the dock by some kids at Whitestone Lake. Yes Virginia, there are BIG crappies in Whitestone!

Beth was dead this year but in beautiful shape. Sidley was even more dead and very low, not worth the drive. Wannacutt is very low and just chuck full of frantic high jumping rainbows all of about 11". Maybe next year. Blue Lake by Oroville is the lowest I have ever seen it, all of the stick-ups we used to fish around are now on dry land. Fishing was, however, very good.

It was a time where good friends, good food, good ale and good fishing all came together.



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Sounds like you managed to have a good time even if the lakes were running low.

How's the watermaster handle in comparison to the toon on the lakes? Any clear winner? I like the look of that rod holder you have mounted on the side. That beats using my teeth for sure ;)