A few traditional streamers

Beautiful as always. Curious however - do you get out much to fish these or are the showcase type flies. i'm not really sure what a showcase fly is - but curious how these fish.
I've no experience fishing these flies. I just tie them for show and for fun. They do however fish pretty well from what i can gather. There are numerous books on the patterns and methods to fish them.
If i was fishing them, it would be on the swing. Smaller flies you could cast, (<#4) , but generally the longer and bigger flies are for trolling. I suppose you could swing them too on a spey set up.

Jack Devlin

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All so nicely done. What a wonderful pattern, the Ghost. "Queen of the Lake" always one of my favorites. I can remember tying my first Ghost. It was a big deal at the time and a big step up from tying "Mickey Finns" and "Black Nosed Dace".
Thanks for sharing your flies.

PS I enjoyed seeing your "Titanic" again on Streamers365.
Thanks guys.

Jack, some of these will be up on streamers 365 later in the year too. It was fun tying for that project, and it got me seriously into streamer tying.