A Grizzly Tale

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    Someone sent me this. It is pretty gruesome. I apologize if it is too graphic. But always happy to share something kind of gross.

    "Those of you familiar with bears will appreciate this. This man did
    well not to soil himself and live to tell the tale. Biggest bear I
    have ever seen, and I lived in Alaska and seen a few. This is one
    occasion where a semi-auto, major caliber rifle was the correct piece
    of gear to have in that environment. Anything less powerful and less
    fast, and this monster would still be out there eating people.

    The following pictures are of a guy who works for the forest Service in
    Alaska. He was out deer hunting. A large world record Grizzly charged
    him from about 50 yards away. He unloaded a 7mm Mag Semi-auto into the
    bear and it dropped a few feet from him. The thing was still alive so
    he reloaded and capped it in the head. It was over one thousand six
    hundred pounds, and 12' 6" high at the shoulder. It's a world record.
    The bear had killed a couple of other people. Of course, the game
    department did not let him keep it. Think about it. This thing on its
    hind legs could walk up to the average single story house and could
    look on the roof at eye level. Also his last meal was human."

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    And if you look carefully at the photo in the middle, you'll note the presence of tropical looking foliage. Unless global warming, or pardon me- climate change- is farther along than we expected, Alaska doesn't have may tropical plants yet.