A lesson from Beer

Rocket Red

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I had Saturday morning free (the kids were gone), so I laid in bed and waited for wife to wake up. That was probably the best part of the day, but not part of this story.

I chose my pontoon over my driftboat loaded in my truck at 0900 and headed for a local lake, one town over. I stopped at the coffee place and got an Americano. I was really living it up today, not having my usual gas station coffee. At the lake I got out of my truck, wadered up and realized that I left my rods at home. So I jumped back in my truck and drove home. It was about 10 am now, so I put a couple of beers in the side pocket of my pontoon boat and headed towards a woodsier, buggier lake.

I didn't get any bites for an hour, so I broke out the indicator with the mini leech and chronie. I posted up over a shoal that I knew the depth of and tossed out. While I waited for it to dip, I broke out the first beer. After drinking it, and having an apple I had to pee. The Americano plus the bullet had really added up and they were knocking. I hastily reeled in the chronie and started to row towards a place I could pee at about 200 yards away. I stopped rowing and used my flippers while I tossed out an olive seal bugger on an intermediate line. Then I commenced back to my rowing. After about 2 minutes the urgency had increased so I was rowing as fast as I could to get to the pee spot. You know what happens now I hook the first fish of the day.

I stuck with the leech and tried areas around the lake, different structure and different depths. Still only a couple of bumps. I threw out the chronie near a brush pile and had the second beer. 10 minutes later I am back on the Montlake Cut rowing to beat UCLA (if UCLA is bladder control). Again, you know the story my next hook up of the day. Lightbulb time! After peeing I rowed out into middle of the lake and changed my retrieve.

Would cast and then no-wait and burn the leech back 5 hard fast strips and a pause, 5 hard fast strips and a pause. Instantaneous results. I hooked a fish on every cast for 10 straight casts after a morning of boring. Then I had to move a little, but nevertheless I ended up catching 20 plus fish in an hour much to the dismay of everyone else there who was keeping up with my earlier results.

If it wasn't for that beer hitting me so fast I would have never rowed like that and never realized that for some reason the fish were really into chasing. Thsi kind of day is what makes stillwater so interesting to me. That fast retrieve and stop was a lot of fun. Many of the fish took on the final stop right before the next cast and I saw quite a few of the takes. Some fish were very healthy, and others were just planters.

Rocket Red

Vegetarian Cannibal
Haha. Yes, I left that out of the story, but I actually never landed the fish that interrupted my fast rowing for the pee spot. I didn't even pick up the rod I just kept rowing and letting the fish get dragged along behind (both times). It was that serious.

Ed Call

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Cast, pause rip-strip! Nice. I've seen a lake master really school the observer watching how he casts and strips the fly. Lesson well learned. Great story.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
:rofl: Good one, RR. Same thing used to happen to me. Now, when I suddenly feel natures' call when out on a lake, I have learned to reel in before I start paddling like hell for the shoreline. If i'm not near anyone, I carry a plastic cider jug, with the label still on it. If you ask me what fly I'm using, I might offer you some cider, which might just be recycled beer! :beer1: