A little advice about Padden and Squalicum

I am thinking about taking the float tube over to Lake Padden to mess around. I am wondernig if it is even worth it. I will hit up Squalicum this week. This will be my first float tube outing. Wish me luck. Still waiting for my first trout on a fly. If Padden is recommended what patterns are reliable in that lake? How about Squalicum? What are your favorite patterns there? Anyone have any recent reports about squalicum? I heard there are 'cutts and 'bows and browns in there. Is that true?:dunno

Old Man

Just an Old Man
Lots of reports from the guys up north on those two lakes. Do the search thing on them. Should turn up a wealth of info.



Scott Willison
Damsels and more chironomids should be happening at Squalicum. You may even run into some evening caddis coming off. I used to do well skittering a small Elk Hair caddis across the surface right at dusk when the caddis were around. The hexagenia hatch should be just about underway at Padden and is something you must experience. Though there still seem to be more stunted bass than trout in that lake at times, casting #6 yellow mayflys at dusk is an opportunity too few westside lakes offer. You might stop by H&H downtown for some additional details.

I fished Squalicum last Wed. It was a little slow, but I was able to get a few fish on the surface with a damsel and the rest came on either a beadhead olive/black wooley bugger or a small olive hares ear stripped back near the shore areas. Most of the fish were in the 11-14" range. Yes there are cutts, bows and browns. Most of the fish are small cutts, but there are some planted triploids and a few browns. Good luck.
Like many lakes, Squalicum gets more generous as the sun drops. After supper, fish assorted nymphs with slow-sinking lines for a few hours. Toward twilight, you'll probably experience a decent chironomid emergence. Switch to a floating line and work your casting arm until it's too dark to see your fly, which these days will be after 10 p.m.
Hey thanks all. Keep 'em coming. BTW...I know Squalicum is stocked, but does WDFW use fingelings or catchable size trout for stocking in that lake?