A little fresh air

Work, and remodeling the bathroom in my spare time have been kicking my butt. The bathroom is coming along well, and will really fly after we can cash the insurance check tomorrow, the only thing holding us up. I haven't had time to string up a rod in over two weeks! With fishing five minutes away, that's a lifetime!
We slipped down to the boatlaunch for what we figured would be merely casting practice, and some fresh air out of the house. Three boats were just finishing up with the creel counter when we pulled up. As we were stringing our rods, a well fed, older black dog wandered over to greet us. He was friendly as could be. As we were finishing getting ready, all three boats and vehicles pulled away. The fish counter came over to bullshit, only because she knew us(we obviously hadn't fished yet).
"Those guys leave their dog?" She said she thought it belonged to the lone vehicle and trailer left in the lot. It did seem to hang around that particular rig. I pushed the thought out of my mind(being a dog lover that's hard), and we commenced fishing. A stiff breeze was working against us, making getting our fly where it needed to be difficult.
I decided to make the half mile hike around to the other side of the point. Sometimes it pay's off. I only fished a half-hour over there, but if they're there, they're there.
That hike did pay off though. On the way back I spotted a fish roll. And having the highground, I spotted another. Now I knew where they were.
When I got back, Enlightened was changing flies at my tailgate. "Any strikes?" I ask. "Nothing." We headed back down to the water. This time I had a balance leech three feet under an indicator. Enlightened had a streamer on.
A couple casts later my indicator went down, but I missed completely. I mean didn't even nick it. "They're back here in the shallows!" I called over to Enlightened. A couple more casts the indicator went under again, but this time I was ready. I landed a hatchery brat of around twenty inches to save my skunk.
Meanwhile, Enlightened had wandered even shallower, skirting clear around where I was fishing and was stalking a good fish that kept rising. I'll be honest, I didn't think she had much chance. The fish was roaming broadly, surfacing at random. It was going to be hard to get a bead on that one. It wasn't five minutes after I yelled over to her(jokingly)
2013 004.JPG
2013 005.JPG
2013 008.JPG
, "Don't make me come over there and catch that for you," that I heard "Got him!". An hour and a half out of our busy day yielded surprising results.
The last boat came around the bend as we were breaking down. I was hoping to verify it was their dog hanging out, waiting. But alas, they stopped at the popular walleye hole just downriver. I hate leaving such an obviously well loved, and taken care-of, dog like that without knowing the circumstances. It had recently had a collar on, you could still see the indent.
Great report as usual, Trip! I really, really enjoy reading your reports and looking at all the great fish you guys get into. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!