A little help?

Alright I plan on going steelhead fishing with my father-in-law. There is a deep pool on a river that they are getting the steelhead by bouncing a purple jig on the bottom, no float just the jig. Now my question is with a sinking line and a purple leech,or something along those lines. Could I be sucessful at this?? The pool is 12-15 ft deep and really slow. Thanks for the help.:eek:
It's possible. Try a length of T-14 and a weighted fly w/ lot's of movement, cast upstream and give it a couple of mends. That's awful deep for swinging, but it's worth a try. Your basic type III or VI won't get it done.


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I wouldn't bother, but as Big Tuna said, it's possible. I was thinking maybe a Teeny 300 or similar line to get down and swing through. If it were me, I'd fish somewhere else.