A little hiking help

I have planned all summer on making my way into the cascades for a few days. One thing or another has forced my trip later and later, and now that I have a weekend that I can do it (next weekend - Sept 24-26) we're into some pretty rainy weather. Forecast calls for rain every day, maybe snow at the elevations I have in mind.

If it were you, would you pack up anyway and fish in the rain/sleet/snow, and hope for some sunny dry spells, or would you go to Eastern Washington and hike around in some of the Seep Lakes?

I've fished the seep lakes, and enjoyed it, but I really want to spend some time in the mountains. I just don't want it to be miserable.

Any thoughts? Any other ideas of places where I could go for about a 5-6 mile (one way) hike that might be drier, with fishing opportunities? I'm packing a raft.



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Teeg. I wouldnt want to wait out the sun on the wet side. You might think abut looking into the streams and lakes of the Okanogan. There used to be some great streams over there other than the Methow but I havent fished that way in a long time.
regular weather forecasts are near worthless when talking about high mountain weather. last summer i soloed it on what was to be a 4 day tour to twin, lillian, rachel and rampart lakes. took off and got to twin lakes and the weather was beautiful and it was great. about the time i broke out the dinty moore it began to monsoon. in the little valley it was black by about 7pm, thunder and lightening and the torrent never let up. at about noon the next day, visibility still around 50 feet due to fog and rain, i wimped out and headed down off the mountain just to find a beautiful, sunny day in the valley. i mean, i dont mind some rain and i do like roughing it but sometimes that rain can make it impossible to do just about anything. id hold out if i could.-ryan
Thanks for those thoughts, guys.

I've been poring over the Delorme and doing some trails searches online.

Any general thoughts are very welcome.

How far past the pacific crest does one have to get before getting reliably drier "east side" weather?
You don't have to go far east to see the effect of the rain shadow. I've seen the clouds piled right up on the crest with beautiful blue on the east. It really depends on how the storm comes in. One place can be dry and a few miles away pouring down rain. If the weather looks really bad try some of the lakes along the Chelan Crest east of lake Chelan. They get a lot less rain fall (though I've been socked in there so there is no place to escape the weather completely). It is beautiful in the mountains this time of year with fresh snow on the ground and fall colors. Bring warm clothes and have a great time. I'm going out to the mountains tomorrow. :thumb: