A Montana creek

Just got back from an incredible four days of fishing, two of which were on a beautiful southwest Montana creek on public land. The fish averaged 8 to 12 inches with a smattering of fat 14 and 15 inch fish.

The only negative was the flies. In your ears, nostrils, and crawling on the inside of your sunglasses. A small price to pay for some great fishing!

Here are a few pics...


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Nice! That creek looks familiar, although I can't say for sure since it could be a number of places. The flies are beyond annoying, especially the horse flies, but for some good fishing I'll put up with them.

Glad you had fun! :beer1:

Old Man

Just an Old Man
There are so many small creeks here in Montana and they all have fish in them. I know of several but I just can't seem to make out anymore.

Around here you don't want to pass up any water. Even if it is only 1 foot wide.You could be suprised.