A nice Brown

Alan Green

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Holy crap, I am going to save that picture for "alone time" when the missus is out of town - 'cause that fish just gave me wood. NICE!!!!!!!!!
awesome fish. catching a brown like that would probably send me into a frenzy of epic proportions! i have never caught a brown to date. looking forward to that day. fantastic post.....keep em coming!!!!
Jim,that does it I'm moving to Idaho. Incase everyone else missed it western WA sucks butt for trout, I havent seen a Brown like that (pulled out of a river) since the last time I was in Northern Michigan. Great job. If anyone is complaining they're just jealous!


I like to rip lips,,
Jim, do you realize if someone has to defend ones self to the point that you did, they usually aren't being honest with them selfs. The guy was just messing with your head.. Take a Valium and chill. If I got upset like you do for all the times my buddies who dont fly fish ask where all my fish are for the day, since I catch and release 100%. I would have ulcers.. Take a joke. You know what you accomplished. Love the moment and who cares what one or others might say.


Good comments Kevin.

Someone insinuated that I had poached on this board a long time ago (they were oh so wrong and it almost led to the exposure of a good winter stream on the East Side) and I have been as guilty as anyone of going off on someone.
After seeing this thread I have come to realize why it is important to temper some of my comments. YIKES
Too easy to get the wrong impression when you cannot hear voice inflections and read someone'sface.
Apologies to Jim


I'd like to extend an apology to you for your misunderstanding. Obviously, you know that you are an amazing fisherman. I wasn't accusing you of photoshopping that photo of yourself with that beautiful fish...in fact, quite the contrary...the photo is clearly authentic. I was simply stating that I saw a resemblence between yourself and the fake photos I had seen a couple months ago on the posting regarding the "Big Brown Contest." I went back and looked and found that the photos were posted by "Itchy Dog," another WFF legend, on 6/9/2009. If you look at the photos from this post, I think you'll understand how I may have made this mistake...you guys look very similar, but you have a way better tan.

I wasn't claiming you photoshopped the photo, I was asking others if you were the same guy. Again, my sincere apologies, and feel free to PM me if you would like me to join you next time you go to that location!


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Because I see no fly rod in that photo, I will assume that fish was taken via electroshock and the black thing in the water is an ES probe. :D

Seriously though, nice fish!!

Jim Kaiserman

From a simple picture of a good fish, to this....I't makes me glad that during the time I've been a member of the board that I've chosen to not interact too often on the board. After this is over I believe I'll turn into a nocturnal skulker, always lurking in the background but never out in front.

Earlier tonight I looked at the new posts and read Kevin's comments about valium and chill pill. Almost responded at that point but just like my comment the other day to agsalmon I backed off and went to the store for more copenhagen and coors light. Always calms me down. I'm sure you can already tell but I'm an intense guy and that trait serves me well. Knowing that, my response to Ag was the fourth one I typed and having reviewed it I still stand by my assessment of his comment and how I chose to respond. I sincerely believe that we ought to be able to banter back and forth without that type of thing happening but it did, I thought long and hard about it and posted my well thought out response. Each of you are welcome to make your own assessment of both the comment and my response.

As you all can see AG posted an apology. I accept his apology that he wasn't accusing me of photo shopping.

The comment he made "Obviously, you know that you are an amazing fisherman" I take offense to. The comments I made in my responding post were simply made to emphasize the fact that I've spent considerable time and effort to put myself in position to occasionly get rewarded with good fish. That fish and others were all well earned. Lefty Kreh, he's amazing.... I'm just an intense nobody wanting to get a buzz on with rod in hand!

With AG's post and then this post I'm done with it. No more posting for me as I've gone fishing.