A note for the east side guys.....

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    Despite persistant rumors of flooding in the west October on the east side has just been a beauty so far. All of the usual adjectives for spectacular fall color fall pitifully short when the real thing is viewed up close on a day to day basis. With record or near record warmth earlier this week accompanied by brilliant blue skies the color seemed even more intense this year. Quite a contrast to last October when the last two weeks of the month were bitter cold and most local lakes had frozen margins by the time Halloween arrived. It was hardly possible to do the traditional Halloween trout trip nor was there even much interest due to the cold.

    The larch are turning now so entire mountainsides are aglow in bright orange and in the last light of day turn a radiant pinkish peach hue that is almost unwordly. This means of course that the fish are getting a little more urgent in their feeding routine and each trip out seems to confirm that. (Smooth: Sunday was the exception!)((Smooth and I took a real butt-kickin' on a remote little lake in Ferry County on Sunday!!)) On Wed. I visited Bayley Lake in Stevens County and much to my surprise Potters Pond had been drained entirely-into Bayley-and all of the fish transported down to Bayley as well. Fishing was quite good early with rainbows up to 19" coming to hand, the average fish being about 16". The lake is really low and the weeds are extensive at this point. The only other person on the lake was a pistol-packin' granny in a pontoon boat-a revolver on her right hip and about a 10" Bowie knife on the other! After exchanging pleasantries with her I moved off by half a lakes distance and kept my YEHAWWs! down to a whisper-I didn't want to piss her off!
    With a promise of good weather tomorrow I will visit another local lake where waterboatmen are the hot ticket once the larch turn orange. It is going to be Everyday Ive right up to the end of the season this year. Tight lines to all and enjoy the color. Ive

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    Port Ludlow, WA, USA.
    Ya know, guys who feel a need to brag about their particular area (note: these areas never have any steelhead) too loudly are certainly suspect. Ive is no exception.
    He's always wanted to live over here where the big fish roam but can't pull away from all the inherited land and dwellings he owns.
    Maybe a house exchange would put old Ive in a better frame of mind. Does anybody have an old burned out basement that Ive could use? A bucket or porta potty would be fine. No shower needed (I have it on good source that Eastsiders do no not use baths, showers, etc.). But hurry with your offer because old Ive will soon be freezing his jalapenos off in a few more weeks while we will be up in the high fifties , low sixties, with the occasional seventies thrown in. When you are in your t-shirt fishing for the twenty pounders, think a moment about Ive who'll be freezing in tons of blankets, hoping for the odd 10" plant holdover.
    But then, those who love arid wastelands are difficult to persuade of much. Just can't understand them. Never have and never will.
    Bob, the Yes, I will fly over the eastside, but I'll be holding my breath as I do so. :rofl :rofl :rofl