Swap A pretty sucky swap!

Mine are done, just gotta tag em and mail 'em. I ended up redoing the first few I made, since I switched to a level eye hook instead of the down eye hooks that I started with.

Camo Clad Warrior

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!
Ok guys...I updated the original post and looks like there is a couple that have not responded to me at all. So come febuary 4th I will swap what I have....
I got the material I was waiting on, tied up the remainder of my flies tonight plus a few extra for the swapmiester. They will be in the mail Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing you'alls flies.


Camo Clad Warrior

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!
Ok so here is the update. Everyones flies are in hand except chef who has been cordinating with me. I am gonna swap them all tommorow night and get them in the mail next week. I am gonna wait for chefs flies and then swap them. This swap has turned out great. Thank you all for your participation and interest.

yea yea yea.... but it ties into my business and is cheaper for me that way. I know it will get there earlier but it was cheap for me to send it.