Swap A pretty sucky swap!


Piscatorial predilection
UGH! that's a weekend I am working...well...I might just have to take that day off, yes sir, I will take the day off! unless the forcast changes I'll make it there.

Sat. night snow/rain 80% s.wind 21 mph. Sun rain 70% hi 43 sse wind 11-15 mph. Kinda SUCKY ha,ha, I,m most likely gonna bail too, don't think I'd stay warm enough to fish more than an hour or so.Two hour drive for me, so another time.
one of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to go fishing at the lake in our town on July 4th in the early morning. A lot of good memories.
Tracy's tail hook works, my son hooked a fish with it after just a few minutes. Looks good in the water and just the right amount of weight to give it jigging action on the retrieve. Gonna have to tie some up.:thumb::thumb: