A soft foam crayfish

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    Here's a new way to make a soft, open-cell foam crayfish.
    This fly still needs some work: the proportions aren't right yet.

    Fish do bite these things and hang on, rather spitting them out right away.
    I've been fishing them for several years now, but the way I used to make
    them was too slow and time consuming for practical use. This one's fast
    and easy to make:

    ====== RE> the Clouser Foam Crayfish =========
    The Clouser Crayfish is the best pattern out there right now.
    I need to make mine *look* more like the Clouser.

    The problem I'm trying to solve is size. The Clouser is tied on a hook
    shank, from front front to back. So, if you want to make a big 2 to 2-1/2"
    crayfish, then, in the Clouser case you have to use a jumbo hook.
    And that nullifies the soft foam effect. Fish feel that extra-big hook and spit the fly.

    So what I'm making amounts to a Clouser Crayfish with an extended
    body, so a big crayfish can be tied with a small, short-shank #6 to #10 hook.
    Then they bite the fly, chew on it and swim around with it still in
    their mouths.

    I tie a lot of streamers this way now (long fly with smallish hook).
    To make a fly that has a mid-fly or rear-end mounted hook, that still pulls from the
    front, you knot a shock tippet to the eye of the rear mounted hook. Then you
    throw a double or triple surgeon's knot over the front end of the fly
    and then knot the shock tippet to the leader.

    Now you have a big fly with a relatively small hook, mounted towards
    the rear end of the fly...but the whole rig still *pulls* from the front
    (the front of the crawfish is the tail, for pulling purposes).