A.W. Chalkstream 7'7" 3/4wt Review

Mike Ediger

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I built a rod for my dad's birthday this year, and it came out great. Better than the wrapping job was the performance of the rod. This was my first experience with a moderate action rod or this model, and it really performs amazingly.
It is truly a moderate action that you can feel load all the way to the handle, yet it throws the line 40-50 feet without feeling overloaded. It really has an amazing feel.
I posted pics that don't do it justice, not that my work is great but the color scheme is pretty cool in my opinion. The cool thing about it is that you really can't appreciate it until you see it in the sunlight. I tried to show some of the features using a flash, but didn't come out great.
The blank is a deep blue so I used holographic guides, blue thread with green spiral that really matches the guides perfectly! I worried about the holo guides looking gimicky, but not at all. The deep blue color of the blank and the matching thread really all brings it together. Added some gold flake in the epoxy which again, you can only see in the sunlight. This makes it a really subtle looking, but really neat color scheme.
It is really most unique and coolest looking rod that I have every done. Not being a big fan of trim wraps, I thought this was a pretty cool compromise.
Any, just thought I would try and share how it came out. But again, the rod looks cool, but performs even better.
Hopefully my dad will enjoy it on some N.ID. and Alberta cutties this summer.

Ed Call

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Looks good to me Mike. No surprise having seen a rod or two of yours before. I hope your dad likes his new rod and that it helps him find many fish. What are you building next?
Nice work Mike. Did you use just a regular blue thread, or was it metallic? It appears metallic, though that may be because of the gold flakes in the epoxy. I'm assuming you spiraled the green thread over the top of the blue wrap? Hard to see in your pic for sure. I really like the holographic guides, sure looks nice.

What a great looking rod you have a lucky Dad I am sure he will be thrilled with the rod whether it catches fish or not.
Atta Boy

Mike Ediger

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Merdog, I only pick the cork out, I can't take credit for the handle or the seat. I have yet invest in a lathe or way to turn them. I pick out the wood and cork and have a friend of mine turn them for me.

Wayne, I use just regular blue thread and then on this one spiraled the green into the wrap, not on top. I mix the gold flake into the epoxy and put a really thin coat of threadmaster light on. So thin that there is no build up, and in fact I actually remove any excess that is on the threads after it soaks in and penetrates. Then I add a second coat of TML which gives the sparkle a bit of depth. Not enough to football or get bulky, but enough to give it some dimension or depth. As for the guides, I have wanted to use them for several years, but they always looked gimicky on any rod that I tried, so I never stayed with them. For some reason, this combination of blue blank, and blue/green wraps just really works well with the blue/green in the holo guides.

Thanks for the kind words Jesse. I hope so. As I told you in a pm. He will only use it once a year when I get him out, but since he is a carpenter, I think he will appreciate the fact that I put time and effort into making it unique and personalizing it for him. It also has him name scribed nicely on it. So I think he will appreciate it.
Mike have you done a rod with clear wraps? I would like to build a 3-4 wt bamboo with clear wraps with a small colored accent at the end of the wrap. I have seen it done and it is really cool because the guides appear to float on the bamboo rod and the bamboo shows through.

Mike Ediger

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Jesse, I have not, but I have seen what you mean. Maybe Tyler, or James, or some of the more accomplished buidlers than I can chime in and give their opinion.