A week camping in the rainforest: Give me food ideas


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My camp breakfast is much like home: simple and routine. Either oatmeal or bacon & eggs, easily done with my 1-burner stove. Cartons of OJ and milk keep well in the cooler. I try to keep dinner simple by making batches of chilli and spaghetti or beef stew before the trip and freezing meal-size quantities in plastic bags or containers. They help keep everything in the cooler cold. Thaw one out and heat it for dinner. If I have room in the cooler I also bring basic green salad fixins. I usually take deli meat & cheese for making sandwiches for lunch, same as I do every day when not camping. Box wine is OK for camping trips and more convenient than glass. Depending on the trip, I might go low and buy macro brew in order to get beer in cans, like for a float trip. Otherwise I just deal with the bottled micro brew.

Have a great week!

One thing I have figured out for winter steelhead camp is that I rarely want to mess with much cooking or cleaning.

Breakfast: canned soup. Heat and serve. Warm, filling, very little clean-up.
Dinner: Trader Joe's has heat and serve Indian dishes like palak paneer, etc. Go well with boil-in-bag rice. No clean up. They also have these Thai Tuna Curry things that are heat and serve in a bag, in a box. I like the green. Also good with boil-in-bag rice. Another super easy/lazy option is pasta roni topped off with some canned tuna.
coffee and oatmeal for breakfast - all you gotta do is boil water. cheese, sausage, trail mix, candy bars, etc. for lunch. pre-cooked and frozen homemade chilli, beef stew, and/or simple pasta dishes, etc. for dinner. Oh and don't forget the wine.


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How about a little stir-fry vegetables and chicken pieces thrown in. You can buy the pre-packaged stir fry vegetables for about $2. Cook up some chicken tenders before you go, throw them in the cooler. Slice up the chicken, throw in the vegies, stir-fry up 5 minutes it's ready.


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The brand name of a collection of ready to heat Indian foods. You can add many things to compliment them. They can be boiled in the bag for no clean up. I add them to egg dishes, rice dishes ect.
This idea has my whole-hearted approval; my wife have done this on several of our overnight trips. You can purchase pre-cooked Basmati rice also in pouches. Heat up a pouch of Rogan Josh, a pouch of rice, and a pouch of Palak Paneer (aka Saag Paneer = overboiled spinich - much better than it sounds) up in some boiling water and you have a very filling, very warming meal. And you can wash the dishes in the warm water when you are done. You can buy these at Trader Joe's and Top Foods.

Oatmeal is not a bad choice on a cold wet morning. Add in some raisins or dried apples for sweetness.



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They are having a 10 for $10.00 deal on cup-a noodle at safeway right now , that and a case of budweiser and your set. I go to the O.P. for steelhead fishing not fancy dinning


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One thing I've been doing is pre-making foil pouches of marinated meat (steak, chicken, etc), sometimes a whole stir-fry, potatoes and bacon, fajitas fillings, or just get creative...

Just toss the whole thing on the fire coals, crack a beer and move it around a bit to heat evenly. It's been my best camp food idea yet - especially for solo trips. Pre package the foil pouches, put the whole thing into ziplocks and go. I really like cooking this way in the colder months because you can stay toasty by the fire while it's cooking. A lot easier when you're getting back to camp after dark!

One of my favorites is Austrailian Damper Bread (google it for a recipe, most are pretty similar). Its a heavy-duty bread and you can make the dough at home, wrap in a foil pouch and toss on the fire coals to cook. It's always turned out awesome and it's heavy and hearty when you're hungry.

The nice thing about these meals is all can be tossed on the fire, tossed on the grill (in the pouch), or just dump it into a skillet. No on-site prep work saves tons of dishes and labor when you're tired. You can freeze the pouches once prepared to make them further in advance or to help them keep for longer trips...


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Budweiser? I'd cancel my trip before I had to drink bullshit near beer.
I'm picturing a scene in the movie "Saw" where Evan has an iron clamshell device strapped onto his neck that will snap closed, sending steel spikes through his head. All he has to do to escape this predicament is guzzle a Bud Light. Will he do it, or will he have his head crushed by the rusty, iron, venus fly trap? The clock is ticking.... :rofl:
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They are having a 10 for $10.00 deal on cup-a noodle at safeway right now , that and a case of budweiser and your set. I go to the O.P. for steelhead fishing not fancy dinning
Yeah, and drink plenty of Evan's beers to wash those 1500mgs of salt down per cup-a-noodle!!!!!!!