Abaco Bahamas 5/20-5/27

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    After a couple long delays and a missed connection, we touched down in Marsh Harbour just in time to watch the sunset with a cold Kalik. My buddy picked us up at Boat Harbour Marina for the short boat ride over to our house on Elbow Cay. We then promptly got our conch fritter fix and turned in for the night.

    Awoke the next morning at first light and began rigging rods. The plan for the week was to split our fishing time between offshore and the flats -- trolling for dolphin and fly fishing for bonefish. We were successful with both but never really “crushed ‘em.”

    The offshore fishing was okay. We stuck a few dolphin trolling ballyhoo but never had ‘em thick enough around the boat to throw flies. Had a few shots at pods of skipjack tuna crashing bait on the surface but couldn’t get a hook-up. They were on the move and too fast for us. We also caught ‘cuda, jacks, snappers, blue runners, one nassau grouper and one remora. My first nassau grouper and remora on fly!

    The bonefishing was tough due to fewer fish on the flats and overcast conditions most days. In fact, we only saw really good numbers of fish one day. My buddy has been fishing these flats for almost ten years and even he was puzzled by the lack of fish. That said, we caught fish everyday but one and they ranged in size from 2-7lbs. On that one good day we found ourselves surrounded by pods of tailing fish in ankle/shin deep water for about an hour. An amazing sight that every fly fisher should experience at least once in their lives.

    All-in-all, a great trip with good friends. I’ve attached a few pics to give a flavor of the trip.

    Travel note: On our way back to Seattle I packed my reels in my carry-on bag and had no problems whatsoever. Heretofore, I had been packing them in my checked baggage. Has there been a policy change? I’ve always carried on my rods without a problem.


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    One of those "blue lines" in the WA, MT,
    Nice report and pic's!! Thanks for sharing! :beer1: