Access on the Fall River, OR???


Hi all, I'm in Sunriver for a couple days and was planning on fishing the Fall tomorrow. I know its late notice, but if anyone has any advice on sections to hit, I would appreciate it (don't need secret spots). Checked the regs, can't fish it below the falls. Anyone care to share their favorite patterns for this time of the year?

Take care and thanks again.
The headwaters area above the Fall River campground is pretty good early in the season and totally accessible, you can cover a mornings worth of water easily there. There are some big flats in the campground area where you may hit a midge hatch too this time of year. The fish hatchery has some water that has good access too though it can be a bit crowded there.



Thanks for the help Tim. Couple questions here....hope you don't mind. Do most hike up towards the headwaters from the campgrounds or go back out to the road and drive up? Also, is it okay to park anywhere along the road between the hatchery and the campground and hike in, or does everyone either go to the hatchery or the campground and hike up or down from there? Any access spots between the falls and the hatchery?

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You may well see midges and blue winged olives hatch -- warmish, cloudy days are best for that.
There is a meadow section just upstream of the falls, and some very nice brown trout lurk in the undercut banks. This is on-your-knees fishing. Stand up, and the fish vanish.
It's a beautiful stream -- and there are some big fish as well.
I've parked a half a mile down from the headwaters and usually hike my way up. The reason behind that is (at least in my experience) action in the headwaters is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes there's lots of fish there, sometimes there aren't any to be found; kind of like they've off and vanished. Walking upstream towards the headwaters allows me to fish water where I can spot fish- I know they're there. Halfway towards the HW, the water gets really weedy and spotting fish is impossible.

March is a weird time to fish the Fall- which in the past is the month I've always hit it. One minute you can have driving snow, the next it's sunny and almost 60 degrees out. Be ready for tiny midges during midday (#24), tiny BWOs (#20) or large BWOs (#18), and be on the watch for this really large #10 orangeish-yellowish caddis-- kind of like a sedge-- that, when hatching, really gets the fish's attention.
Think big streamers under the cut banks.
In the good ole days when I lived in Bend I never was able to land a brown over 18", what a great time, good luck.


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Was just down there a week ago and it fished great. Nymph zebra midges, red lightening bugs, princes, and atomic eggs in the 2 nice holes below the bridge at the mile marker 10 pull-in. As the calibaetis hatch comes off around noon, use comparaduns trailed by matching emergers on 6x a mile upstream and downstream from the bridge.