Access to Koeneman Lake in Kitsap Co

Looking for the access trail off a street or road to this lake. It sounds interesting but I have never been to this area. I hate to trespass. Does anyone have info (google map shows more than one road across from Carney Lake)? Can I get a pontoon with a wheel to the lake?

WDFW Regs KOENEMAN LAKE (Kitsap Co.) (formerly Fern Lake) is Catch-and-release. Selective gear rules.

Kitsap County’s Koeneman Lake (formerly called Fern Lake) is located about 3 miles S.E. of Belfair. It covers 19 surface acres, reaches depths of about 25 feet and lies at 210 feet of elevation. Fish species include largemouth bass and rainbow trout. It is open to fishing from the last Saturday in April through October 31st. It is now listed as a “Selective gear, Catch-and-release” lake. It can be reached via a hiking trail (about 1 mile) with the trail head located across the road from Carney Lake.


Ed Call

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Mark, although I have never been there I have met one gent who has. His description of the "hike" in to what he called Fern Lake was not strenuous, but did seem like getting your pontoon in there by wheel very tough. I hope others will chime in, I've considered going to that very place a few times. Maybe we can meet up there to check it out, I do have a float tube that hikes pretty well, especially for that short of a distance, but I'm not envisioning getting in there with my pontoon.

If you find that it is not pontoon friendly and want to borrow my float tube on a day that I'm not able to fish, let me know.
Thanks Ed. I got a old tube, but boy do I sit low in it. LOL. I love my pontoon. Let me know if you want to fish it. I got my truck back from the shop and testing the overheating problem today. Leaving work early today for some lake, just dont know where yet.

Ed Call

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Here is to cool temps, clear skies and no overheating. Keep me posted on your trip to KL and if you want to use my tube tell me, it floats my 225# @$$ pretty high even when both side bags are full of stuff because I have to carry everything.

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I have been there before. The walk in is probably more than 1 mile. It takes about 30-35 minutes. I would not recommend taking your pontoon in, as the trail is not wide enough to use a wheel so you would have to keep carrying it on your shoulder. Portions of the trail would allow it, but a lot of it will not. Also the trail branches off in a lot of spots, but most branches take you to the lake, if you find a bad branch you will end up in someones yard, or in logging roads. I haven't been for so long so I have no better data than that.

It is most definitely a float tube spot. As far as patterns go it is the normal stuff.


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Forget about the pontoon, there is no way you would ever be able navigate the trail with one unless you were willing to carry it sideways, and even that would be tough. Access is via a trail thats across the street from the carny lake boat launch kinda kittycorner, park at the carny launch and hike to the lake from there. This can be either a great place to fish or a very depressing place to fish, it all depends on the locals who seem to think its their own personal trout pond and rules be damned, poaching is a serious problem here, this was at one time a great lake with resident cutts, small but very willing to hit a dry, they are for the most part gone, the state has in the past put nice fish in this lake and the lake itself is very conducive to healthy trout, it has a nice deep area for them to hold in when the water gets hot with some very nice shallows to promote a healthy insect population it also has a large area that runs 10 to 15' deep which really cranks out the dragon fly larva, I was there once and saw hundreds of them emerging it was pretty amazing. I never fished there last year I got kind of depressed the year before about the rampant poaching so I just stayed away, the lake has an interesting history it has been used as a steelhead rearing pond, the remains of the nets are still present just ropes anchored to the bottom beware these are real fly eaters, so look for them if you go, the u of w conducted some sort of radiation tests here once upon a time and it also was a boyscout camp, the cabin has long since been torn down but the site plainly remains. When you hike in I suggest just following the trail until it crosses the creek it then will turn to your right eventually coming to the cabin site below which is a good putin spot, after you try this if you don't have too much stuff, when you leave take out directly across the lake from where you put in and follow the trail to your right back to the main trail I preferr this spot to put in at but its easier to learn where its at by walking out the first time rather than trying to find it your first time in.

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the trail is so easy, you have to watch for horse crap more than roots!
drive down the neighbor hood road, and befriend the people that live in the log looking cabin {i haven't talked to them {big dag}} you could get a pontoon in from there really easy. it is a beautiful lake. although i haven't gone in to fish it yet just checked it out a few times.

to answer the first question, without trespassing you can not get a toon in there. and when your goingin the are a couple turn offs but stay to the left and your in
Thanks everyone. Sorry for being so late to respond, I went fishing yesterday and the truck didn't overheat to Jacob Petersons lake. C&R 26 with 3 nice 15"ers.
This message below came from WDFW.
I hope they watch for poachers. They just planted it so it should be good for a few weeks anyway. I will go this weekend.

Thank you for your email correspondence to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Fish Program.
Koeneman Lake has no gate, no restrooms, no boat launch, no camping, and motorized boats are prohibited. Parking for this lake is at Carney Lake, with the trail just across the road. There is a fairly sizable brown WDFW (I think it is a WDFW) sign with the name of the lake on it just to the side of the trail head. This is a walk-in only lake, with about a 1 mile trek on a hiking trail. You may be able to carry a float tube or pontoon boat into this lake, but it would be doubtful.

Driving Directions:
Go West from Purdy approximately 5.4 miles on Hwy 320, then northwest on Elgin Clifton Rd for about 2.9 miles, and finally north on Wright Bliss Rd for another 2.5 miles to the trail, with parking located on the right at Carney Lake.

colton rogers

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from a float tube or from shore?
i think i will go for it tonight after school, haha im in biology right now.
what type of flies worked for you?
anything hatching?
Went yesterday to Koeneman Lake with a friend. Its a long A$$ hike in for a old fart like me with a new V boat (loaded with gear(never know what you might need), 2 rods, fins, wearing waders, water and snacks) I suggest you pack light. I pumped mine up partially at the truck to make it more easier to carry on my back. Let me tell you the air must weigh more over there :rolleyes:. It was not bad going in, but coming out was hell, after fishing all day. I never would have made that hike weighing 65 lbs more a couple years ago.
We joked about leaving water bottles along the trail instead of bread crumbs. Those last hills (slight inclines) looked like Mt Rainier to me. We were sweating when we got to the truck. Thank god the truck was still there when we got back. I thought I left the keys in the door.
Typical flies should be used. Olive damsel worked for the 4 trips I released (missed some others). There must be easier lakes to hit for the same size fish if you are going to transport a tube and gear. BTW, those ropes and anchors in the lake are a hazzard to flies. I lost at least 4 to those damn things.:mad:
At least I can check this lake off my list of places to hit on the westside.

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Sounds like a hell of adventure Mark. How big were the triploids? Maybe I'll rethink heading out there to check it out. Maybe I should hike in there myself to see just how bad of shape I'm in...yikes.


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Its not like you weren't warned about the ropes. You should have seen the trail before they changed it it was more like a rocky stream bed same incline just not so easy to navigate. I would think there is a possibility of much bigger fish in the lake maybe not alot due to poaching but some must have survived the assholes and with the size of the lake coupled with the amount of food available and the small planting numbers should add up to some pretty dandy fish if a person were willing to put in the time and really learn the lake.

colton rogers

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ed, its not that far. plus i bet we could suck up to the owners of the last house and get to park there. then its about 1/2 miles and the hills are taken out. 5 days left of school. 2 projects to b.s.-3 finals-1 in class essay that i have to come in after school because i am not going on the last two days. i don't know if i can but i sure am going to try. i think thurday or friday would be my best bet.