Access to the forks of Snolqualmie

Hey every body,
Where are some good access points on the Snolquamie river. Iam looking to get my wife on the river so I need some pretty easy wading. I have read that the fishing is pretty great, not the biggest fish in the world but fun to fish. Any info would help.
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Pick a fork and drive up it. Access to each is easily visible as there are pull offs all the way up them. Just pull out the gazette, take a day and drive up one...stopping wherever you think the river is within walking distance (most of the time its visible from the road). Most pools will hold fish and wading is plentiful.South fork having the most wading access at the moment i believe. If it was up to me i would stick with the middle or south fork. They were a little high and murky this last weekend, but flows are reportedly getting better. :thumb

I would be hard pressed to call the fishing great (can be good) this time of year, but it most definitely will be come warmer temps and those summer months.

I'd highly recommend using the search engine and searching for snoqualmie fork info on this website that has been covered numerous times. Will prolly get more out of previous posts.

Goodluck, let us now how it fishes if your up there soon. Tight lines.:smokin

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I would start off at exit 32 and work your way up for the South fork. There are access points at pretty much every exit. They aren't hard to find.

The levels are a little high right now for someone who's looking for easy wading although it's doable. Also the fishing isn't that hot yet. I tried it out the other day, and I would recommend waiting for a while. Others may not agree though.

You might try going to the Yakima now as the levels are as wadable as it gets, and the fish are most agreeable.

When the levels are down and the water temps are up, I would hit the Middle Fork with your wife. There is tons of access off the middle fork road which is off of exit 34.


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Well you can pick a fork but the access is not to good on the North Fork. There is a park or one that is supposed to be one where the forks all come together,well at least the N and M/Forks. But for access on the upper and Middle N/Fork it is limited unless they open up the woods. The S/fork you can access from the pass down if you know all the back roads. And just drive the Lake Dorothy road and where you see the river you should be able to fish.