Adams peanut butter-it's back!

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    For years we have bought Adams at Costco in the large 80 ounce jars. Then at some point last year Costco no longer carried it but sold some stuff labeled Kirkland I believe in it's place. We bought the obligatory two jars since they were umbilicaled together and tried it out. It was a short test, after the second day it joined the rest of the detritus that was bound for the landfill. My wife is a vegetarian that counts heavily on peanut butter for some of her protein needs. Peanut butter spreads don't cut it with her.

    This week she was in Costco and I think by popular demand, Adams has returned. It is still in the 80 ounce jar, still needs to be mixed and refrigerated and is still excellent.

    Thanks Costco but check with us next time before you discontinue a favorite product.

    By the way, if you need an excellent wide mouthed pisaroonie for your boat, van or pickup canopy those empty 80 oz jars are just the ticket.

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    I'm in your corner, I start most days with a slice of my homemade bread and Adams. I usually stock up when it's on sale at Fred Meyer or Bartell Drug. Costco has the best price, but an 80 oz jar is lot for me to store. Bartell will sometime have the 16 oz jar on sale in the low two dollars area. Btw - the Fred Meyer store brand called Natural is not to bad, it is also just peanuts like Adams, and it can be on sale for under two dollars.
    Good stuff, thanks for mentioning it.

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