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Sorry, One More...
During my high school years I was Duck hunting this slough off of the Willapa Bay with a buddy. It was a slow crystal clear day. Finally we notice a lone green head coming towards us, we jump up and each fire a shot, as the duck is going down a hawk swoops out of nowhere a grabs it. We watched the hawk fly out into the middle of a nearby field and have himself a nice lunch. I don't see that buddy very often but when I do we always talk about that day. It was awesome.:thumb:


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I've been known to fish from time to time...
On Pilchuck creek, after some high water, I was fishing and i kept hearing a very quiet slapping noise from behind me. I turned around, and in a little puddle that was drying up, it had about a half inch of water in it, was a little bluegill. I threw him back into the creek, I thought that it was wierd to see a bluegill in a western creek.


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That reminds me of and experiece I had when I was a kid in Texas. I was fishing a small river\stream that had various bass, crappie, etc in it. A storm came through and I headed back to camp. I came back 1/2 hr later and the quiet little stream was now a raging torrent at least 10 feet higher up the banks. I watched for a few minutes, headed back to camp, and waited another 20mins. I headed back again and it was nearly back to the original flow level. All along the bank where ever there was a slight impression that held some water, there would be at least one and up to 10 fish trapped. I spent an hour or so just scooping fish and tossing them back in along the bank - avoiding the occassional water moccassin...
In the late 70's, I was sitting on the bank of the Isar River in Bavaria just as the sun was going down. I heard a commotion on the mountainside behind me that grew louder. Suddenly, a gemsbock (Alpine mountain goat) rushed past me at arms length, plunged into the river and swam across just in front of me. No predators followed, so it was never clear to me why he was moving so fast. A few years ago, I was leaving the Arkansas River also just at dusk and nearly ran over a herd of bighorn sheep moving down to the river to water. They were about seven males, including one very mature ram with massive horns. Even with broomed tips, he had over a full curl. Easily Boone and Crockett. Two years ago, I was walking across a meadow on the way to the South Platte and thought that I heard a jet pass behind me in the distance. I turned to look, but didn't see anything. I was a bit perplexed, but then heard a cry in the air above me. I looked up just in time to see a pair of peregrine falcons at the apogee of their mating flight. I watched them dive and swoop for several minutes in an incredibly beautiful aerial dance. I've seen bald eagles do the same from a distance on the way to the Kenai, but the proximity of the falcons made it a special experience.


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Two things come to mind...

Fishing the Gallatin a couple years back just outside of the park with a good friend. I hooked into a fiesty little 10" trout, landed it took the hook out and let it go on it's way and about the same time it swam out of my hands an eagle swooped down and scooped it right out of the water right in front of me! Absolutely amazing!

Fishing one of my favorite little rivers outside of Red Lodge, MT with my wife (she landed her first trout on a flyrod that day) and we had just finished up fishing and were hiking back to the truck through some tall grass...and I lifted my leg up onto a fallen tree to cross and there was a fawn that couldn't have been more than a few weeks old just on the other side of the log. Damn near stepped on him. The fawn got up and bumbled it's way through the grass over to where mom was feeding a couple hundred yards away.

I was fishing from the gravel bar just above the bridge in Monroe during the tube and raft hatch last year, and a couple of young women drifted by me, kicked to the shore, and changed clothes. One kept her towel wrapped around her, but the other caught me looking and gave be a good flash! I don't think I looked at my indicator once the whole time she was there. Probably missed 50 takes. Oh, well, it was worth it.
Lots of animals from being chased by a moose to chasing 2 grizz on a road with a Suburban. I twighlight zone moment came when I was 18 fishing for bass in a local lake out of my kayak. My rod was laying on my lap as I was getting a coat on. The next think I know my rod hits me like a train in the face. As I look the rod is going 10 mph down in the water. That was the end of my day. That night I tell my buddy about it. The next day my buddy shows up at my work and tells me he wants to show me something. We go to his car and he opens up the hatch. There is my rod broken I say how in the HELL ? He went fishing that morning and hooked something. When he reeled it up it was a line he pulled and there is my rod. The rod starts to jerk so he pulls the line in and there was a big catfish on the end of it. Now for the goofy part. He lifts up a jacket in the back of his car and there is the friggin catfish still breathing. I run and explain to my boss I have to leave and will return. I go home and put the thing in my 100 gal. tank. It lived and 3 years later I released it in the same lake. True story !!!

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In the mid 70s I was in the Katmai National Monument for a couple months in the late spring. For a week or so I shared a small island with a Bald Eagle family. While I was there I would often watch the fledglings (2) stand on the edge of the nest and stretch their wings. The parents were rarely around and I wasn't sure if it was because I was there or not. Normally, they would roost in trees about a kilo away but I'm sure they were watching. One day it was gusting pretty good when one of the fledglings was stretching. The wind caught him and he rose 10 feet into the air and awkwardly flapped his way back to the nest. The parents showed up within 10 minutes with salmon as a reward. Am confident it was his first flight. Was an inspirational moment for me. Had to leave a day later but they were both taking short flights out of the nest by then.


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Have seen a lot of different and interesting wildlife along our streams here in Western Washington but the most unusual has to be a wolverine along the lower Sauk about 5 years ago and a Great Grey owl teaching its owlet to fly on the upper Skagit in June of 1994. The owlet is the first report case of Great Greys breeding in Western Washington.

Like for most of you the sencery at places like the Mermaid hole and bikini rock, the dock docerations on some local lakes or the tube hatch during the summer on local rivers can all be eye catching and of course welcomed.

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About three years ago, I was fishing the Middle Fork and coming up the river towards a popular campground because of a large deep pool of water with a nice cliff to jump from. As I was getting closer, I noticed two young women on the shore, sipping on a couple of tall ones. Next time I looked up, and I was now a few feet away, I noticed they had dropped their tops and were facing me with the obvious intent to show me the "goodies". Trying to keep a straight face and not to look at their "lungs", I politely said "Hi". To which they promptly responded by asking me if it would bother me if they went skinny dipping. I had not even had the time to open my mouth to respond that they were standing butt naked in front of me. They proceeded to jump in the water, climb up the cliff and jump a few times, making sure that I could get a good look at every part of their anatomy. To make a long story short, it was a refreshing interlude during my afternoon of fishing. And, no I have not copied this from the Penthouse letters. It really happened!!!!


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the only bare butt i've seen is from a local sauk \ darrington inbred drunk teanager dude squatting in the middle of the river and laughing like beavus and butthead as he sent a 'finless brown trout' downstream my way....
-An eagle dive in the water and come out with a fish about 15 feet from my boat while i was catching nothing.
-A raccoon that was waling around the shore of a lake.
-An otter swimming around the reeds at lake Cassidy
-A turtle that was laying on a log until we got within 15 feet of it, then it slipped underwater.
Jason Decker said:
a nice chic sunbathing sans top! can i forget...... 2 naked hippie chics in a hot spring near the lochsa river in idaho.....
Jason, if you were down on the Russian River (Healdsburg, CA) you could 'multiply' your number of 'sightings' considerably.iagree