Adding hook keepers to a rod


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So I just bought a TFO TiCR x and I wanna put a hook keeper on it, is there any reasons I couldn't? Does anyone think it'd hurt the performance of the rod in any way?

A hook keeper won't affect the action of the rod.

I don't put hook keepers on my bamboo rods. I wrap the leader around the foot of the reel seat and hook the fly to the stripping guide. One advantage is that, unless you are using a very long leader, the fly line is always through the tip and ready. The fly is away from your hand, reducing the chance that you'll accidentally hook yourself. The story goes that master rodmaker Everett Garrison had a lady customer cut her hand on a fly hook attached to a keeper, and never put hook keepers on his rods again. For graphite rods, a fly hooked to the stripping guide is farther from the blank, reducing the chances of the hook scratching the blank and ruining it.

Having said all of that, most rods come with hook keepers, so there must be something to it.....