Adhesive type for Water Master Grizzly material

I would like to add a couple of patches of Velcro and a couple of D ring patches to my Water Master Grizzly. What type of adhesive would be the best for this, Vynabond?

Also would it be best to apply the "new material" in the raft's fully inflated state or should I apply them in the deflated state.
to do it correctly find out what material the boat is made out of. I know my bucks is made from pvc. so I used staybond and m.e.k. .we used to repair inflateable boats at my work,so I had the correct stuff. but we dont repair them anymore.
I should have included that information, 30 oz, 1000 denier PVC fabric. I thought that maybe someone with a WM might have done this before and could give me some quick advise or directions.

Thanks Trout Master, Staybond, if necessary. I spoke to BSI today and I think we figured out a solution to my needs without using any adhesive. The problem I ran into was that the new stripping apron I bought had no velcro on the rear corners, clips and stretch cords are now the way they are attached. I'm going to attach a D rings to velcro patches and use the velcro patches on my 1996 Grizzly and attach the shock cords to them. The other solution is to sew some velcro to the corners of the stripping apron. BSI apologized for not asking if I had a "vintage" Grizzly but I didn't let them know mine was made in 1996. 14 years old and still going strong, very strong I might add. If I do add D rings I'll need to place them behind the stock velco which will work if it comes to that. Thanks for all the help.

Mike, I've made a lot of 'mods' to mine using velcro for several purposes: stripping apron, cup holder, rod tip, net, etc. If your using 'sticky back' velcro, it will work for a short period. As soon as you get into temperature variances, it will start to peel at the edges. You can buy factory patches with velcro sewn on, but I just cut a patch & velcro to size and have a seamstress sew them together. Glue them on the raft and you'll never have to worry about them again. Inflate the raft all the way before gluing the patches on, use a pencil to outline the patch and overlap the glue a little bit. Keep the raft inflated for a day afterwards. It might seem like overkill, but removing a failed patch is a bitch! I've been doing it this way for 7+ years and never had one fail or start peeling at the edges.