Advanced Fly Tying Class

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    Northwest Fly Anglers Offering Tying Classes

    The five-session NFA Advanced Fly Tying Class will be held from
    rd 7:00 to 9:00 PM on Thursdays, beginning March 3and running through April 7th. There will be no class on March 17th. The classes will be held in the Faculty Lounge at Ingraham High School and are open to NFA members and the general public. The classes cost $50 and covers room rental and all the fly tying materials used in the class. The five sessions will be taught by David Williams, Scott McCracken, James Schmidt, Paul Dieter, and Stuart Lane, in that order.

    The class will be limited to 12 students and will be advertised to the public beginning in February.

    to register contact Tim Schindele, [email protected] .

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