Agenda for Selective Gear Lakes Meeting

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 6th , from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Location: 6:30 -- The Avid Angler; 17171 Bothel Way NE, #A272; Lake Forest Park, WA
7:00 – move to Third Floor Books


1. Introductions and Sign-in

2. Review Agenda for any Additions or Deletions

3. Review Previous Decisions for “Selective Gear” Rule
(Year-round season; single barbless hooks (How many?); no internal combustion motors, but not stated as Lone Lake; stocking rate to maximum trout size (?); catch of one fish per person per day, a minimum of 18 inches in length; second rod endorsement; extra sport fishing license; and monitoring to determine outcomes.)

4. Review Lake Selection Criteria and Select Criteria for Quality Lakes
(Fish Quality; Non-native Species; Lack of Development; Aesthetics; Public Access; Public Support; Chance of Agreement; Regulations; and Adaptive Management)

5. Apply Criteria to rank potential Quality “Selective Gear” Lakes

6. Discuss what we need to accomplish by when. (What actions do we take? Who does what? When are these actions to be done? etc.)

7. Summarize what decisions were made and which decisions are pending

8. When and Where do we meet again?

9. Adjourn the meeting