Airflo Scandi Compact or Rio Scandi Versitip

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Thomas Williams, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Ok so with the taxes coming up I will be buying the 4wt switch rod from echo. Im debating on what line to get and need you guys help considering a vast majority of you are more knowledgeable on the subject. Im looking at the 270gr window. With the versitip You get the 4 tips. With the Airflo I will buy the entire lineup of trout polyleaders in 10ft. So which one should I get and why?
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    The lines you mention ultimately turn in to a Chevy vs. Ford debate. The Rio versitip is certainly "turn key" and cover about everything. Both are excellent choices.

    Just to throw another option, you could get two heads and focus on conditions and depth. By changing the heads you give yourself some interesting flexibility.

    Consider this the "just so crazy it might work" :)

    Low/clear water situation:
    - Airflo Scandi compact 240 grains w/Intermediate polyleader or long mono leader
    - Land like a feather in challenging presentation conditions
    - Slap on a short sink poly for probing modest depths and pockets or extend leader w/ weighted flies
    - Excel at touch-n-go casting (snake rolls, single speys etc...)

    Bigger flies/depth
    - Rio Skagit Short 275 grains
    - Can utilize light MOW tips, versileaders, polyleaders, straight tungsten tips cut to length (T-8)
    - Excellent for sustained anchor casts (circle, snap-t, double spey)
    - Short head perfect for limited backcast scenarios

    I've heard nothing but great reviews of the Echo switches.
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    Rio Scandi short versitip.
    It should cover all situations and nice to cast in one simple kit. If they make one light enough for that stick.

    The other option you mentioned might require a little extra back cast room and you might have to be a better than average caster, might not cast as heavy of tip or as big of weigted fly, might be a pita in some situations on a little switcher like that.

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