NFR Alaska Airlines baggage fees going up 10/30/13

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    If you don't like Frontier's metal boxes and no-rod carryon, check out the new fee schedule for AK air:

    $25 for 1st two bags, $75 for the third and thereafter, AND, #25 for a gate checked bag (I can see people trying to sneak there third one on this way, however);

    This ends a short period (~2008-2012) in which AK air had reduced the fees ($20 for 1st 3 bags); which was just fantabulous for long trips - could bring the kitchen sink - or simply avoid the lugging of a bag from Calif to Bethel for $20. I sure did. I even packed a small raft, collapsable oars, & misc shit in a third bag (well, an Action-Packer, really) - last steelheading trip up north this past spring.

    So after 10/30/13, round trip for the third bag will be $150, instead of $40. If I recall correctly, third bag fees were even higher in 2007 (~$125 each way). That'll make you investigate air freight and parcel post.