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mr trout

Trevor Hutton
Wow guys.:beathead: Time flies. I am not going to be able to make it (school, meetings, CPR class to take, etc). So if you have an extra tier, it should work out just fine... I haven't even tied a fly in a few weeks, let alone actually gone fishing. Sorry for the late notice. Are you going to post pics of this swap, I'd still love to see them all!

James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
Ringlee said:
I have been busy tying many of the flies that I will use this summer guiding in Alaska. I was wondering if any one was interested in a swap with Alaska Flies.
6 people with 2 patterns
A Salmon fly and a Trout fly

Chris Ringlee
715 N 42nd st.
Apt. 107C
Grand Forks, ND

Due Date May 20th

Ringlee IN
Mike doughty IN
Mr. trout Out
James Mello
g smolt IN
Steelie mikeIN
Dang... it's been a bit since I checked this swap status! Looks like I'm bringing up the rear! But never fear, I started tying today and the should be out pretty darn soon :)