Alittle*Lone" Time?


Indi "Ira" Jones
I fished this morning from 10am to 2pm. It was a Whidbey locals crew on Lone today. From wff - ChefTim, Caveman, Casey Hodges, two other guys I fish with, and myself. Not planned, but lots of fun.

Nobody had a HOT rod that I saw. Caveman and Casey started fishing about the time I left, so I will let them add their own report.

I landed four or five and lost two. Fine-tuning my Chironomid fishing and searching for the correct pattern. Ira's bloodworm landed 3 nice fish. One hot fish took the bloodworm as soon as it hit the water. This fish pulled hard and was wearing his away jersey - dark and ready to spawn. At this time I was throwing the float into 5-8 feet of water. Clarence had some success on small leach patterns, suspended.

Most of this fishing was on the North End of the the lake. Fish were very scattered. Water was 43 degrees.

Weather: Wind was not an issue. Calm until 11:30, and then a breeze ot of the south and rain.

See you Monday!

Maybe I shouldn't be giving out that bloodworm so much, all the fish will end up knowing it by name, I guess I'll just have to fish a couple of the flies already sent to me for the Winter Lake swap, they look killer. Glad that bug worked for you, the beauty of it is in how easy it is to tie. In fact, I'm thinking of trying an even easier pattern tomorrow. If it works, I'll let everyone know.

i cant wait to fish..... :) :)

Cookies are coming out of the oven. Two kinds..... double chocolate and chocolate dipped macaroons. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm

Cookies will more then likely be in the back of my canopy so feel free to grab what you would like.

Jeff Dodd

Active Member
I am painting my son's bedroom Sunday, while watching/listening to the game.... as Jeff W. said "Hang onto your hats!"

My buddy suggested I set up a web cam for wff member to check before heading to the ferry. The vantage point from our computer room is not the best however...
I'll be watching the game on Sunday at the gun club, but will be out Monday. I might swing by and steal a cookie tomorrow on my way home.ptyd

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
I didn't get the chance to introduce myself and have a chat with Steve (Islander), Jeff Dodd, and Chef Tim a couple weeks ago. All that local knowledge! What was I thinking?:beathead:

Seems the local boys weren't as anxious to be on the water at 07:30 as us mainlanders. I think I pulled together enough clues to put faces to the names though. Steve hanging out by the cookies. Jeff in the nice pram, Tim talking about destination resorts in Oregon. I'll try to close that loop if you guys are out Monday. Blue WaterMaster.
Steve: feel free to grab whatever you would like. They will in the back of my toyato tacoma bed under the canopy. Feel free.

Having some people over for breakfest this morning. Cant beat eggs, buttered toast and bacon!
You boys better take your tie down hats and 50lb anchors if you plan on fishing Lone today. Its blowing about 30mph at my house, I'm up on a ridge in Shoreline.
I'll be watching a bear hunt in Chicago on the tele. Probably crying and tying flies!
Let's just say it was an awesome day at lone lake. Detail later.
:thumb: Awesome indeed! I ended up landing at least a dozen and missed countless others. The black bugger and leech patterns slayed 'em. I used a type IV line for the first time and it got me right down into the fish. On the other hand, I need to work on my chironomid indicator technique. I was asleep at the wheel on every take. I got distracted by the scenic wonders and a few cold beers... :beer1: Sure wish I could be out there again today with ya'll. Maybe next weekend...