Alternative Materials for tenticals question?


He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron
I want to start tying this squid pattern, but I don't know what material is good for tenticals. It's a very life like pattern. Here's the video of it but doesn't give a recipe. One remark states that saddle hackle is used. I think I can come up with the other material. Also would you think adding a trailer hook where the head of the squid would be better?

here's the link to the squid fly

P.S. Can someone also direct me to the thread on how to post video's with out having to paste a link. I know Chris had a thread some time back but the search function yielded nada. Thanks

Now both that video and the other squid video are very good ties. I suspect the tentacles could be Emu feathers, which are long and can be dyed or saddle hackle's. It would like to know how the head and eye was created, but nevertheless that is a great pattern.


He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron
mumbles are you going to try out this pattern? Let me know how the ostrich works.

Ed Call

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mumbles are you going to try out this pattern? Let me know how the ostrich works.

Whenever I get some spare tinkering time I will try to tie up something. I owe some time to tying a hex pattern for a swap I entered. I'm a real rookie tyer, but I'm figuring I've got the stuff to tie, I should tie. If such a pattern brings on the kings, then I'm willing to experiment a bit. I gotta get one of them king hogs on a fly line eventually, even if I have to use a full sinker to get down to them at 20' or so like Les and others have suggested. Maybe some low light action atop the water would be nice, but I would certainly like to get them one way or another.

Whenever I get around to making an ostrich squid I'll update this thread with a photo for everyone to laugh at. Maybe I'll film a video in my kid's puddle pool as I jig it for some ostrich tentacle action!

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In the comments under the video it says they are saddle hackle glued to the inside of siliskin or gooeybody. I think any long thin feathers off of the saddle would work. I don't know what Siliskin or gooeybody is. The body might made of those materials or some type of pearlescent/translucent mylar? Very interesting tie for sure. Also, there is a link you can copy and paste under the title "embed" next to all youtube videos. I think if you paste that in then the video will be in your comment. I could be wrong though.


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Maybe whip a hoochie into the mix? I don't see much difference between that and using some of the other plastic stuff sold in fly shops.


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Emu, or super crappy, or possibly burned saddle. So called "Spey hackle" works great. But the problem is swimming squid have all the action on the front end, not the back. Very few squid imitations feature a mobile "head". If they depict fins at all they're rock hard. My best squids, except for my floating dorado slider, feature stiff hackle at the front to splay out a longer more flexible material, so I have motion on the jig or between strips.