Amber lake good trip

I hit Amber Sat about 3:30 fished untill dark took my 14yr old daughter on her first pontoon boat with a motor. It was interesting to say the least
we had learning curve getting her and the boat going in the right direction I let her do a whole lot of dougnuts before she would listen **sorry to
anyone who heard us.** She got it under control and we were on our way to a good evening of fishing I got 4 nice fish on dry flies and 5 trolling
sinking line. The daughter caught 4 and had a bunch more on but just doesn't understand to keep the rod tip up. First fish of the day right off the boat
launch was a big fat cut. what a fish. Can't wait for next trip.

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Sounds like a great day. Did it get kinda breezy out there for you. That lake seems to have the wind blowing 9 out of 10 trips out there.

By the way, you're boat isn't gas powered is it? Gasoline engines aren't allowed out there I don't think.

Nice fish. Seems like we go hither and yonder for "better" fishing spots, only to catch the big one by the launch. I always seem to catch my biggest fish of the day by the lauches on the Clark Fork.
the water was smooth all afternoon last time I was out it was super windy. Yes the motor was electric, I'm sure everyone on the lake would take care of someone with a gas motor