Ambergris Caye Feb '07

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    So... 10 days in Belize, one day with a guide, lots of wind and Mardi Gras...

    Our trip started with a red-eye to Belize, which pretty much shot the first day there. So, on the second day there I decided to break out the fly rod when I saw a couple fo bonefish walking out on of the dive shop docks (Patojo's). However, these were small bones and I scared them pretty well. So, I went in search of fish elsewhere (2 docks north) and found lots of needlefish (at least that's what I think they were) and since others had said they couldn't keep them off their line I thought perhaps that was how I could get my feet wet as it were. Hah! Well, I also found a couple more boenfish over there (later realized they were small barracuda), scared them away etc. Caught a needlefish and took a break. That night I went back and found bonefish tailing in the area north of Gonzalez Adventures' dock. First cast to them... thwack! ana the fish scatter. Crap!! so I waded out a bit further, biding my time until they returned and return they did. Apaprently just so I could scare them away again, but... The third time is the charm. The sun was setting so I tied on a UV Flash herring pattern and when the bones started tailing again I cast off to the side of them and started stripping in and then WHAM! My first bonefish, found fishing by myself using a fly that I tied for chasing fall silvers in the San Juans on the 6 wt rod that I built for fishing North Sound beaches. Sweet deal.

    The next day I headed south of APtojo's again and caught a small bonefish in a large sandy area by blindcasting, pausing and then slowly stripping in. Lost a few flies after that to something toothy, not sure what. Caught another needlefish that bit me (those suckers have like 4" of neeedle sharp teeth!), but I guess it was fair since I hooked it in th eye...

    The next day we went to the Mayan Ruins at Al Tun Ha and then when we got back I went and caught another bonefish south of Patojo's and went to get ready for my next day wehn I would get to go flats fishing with a guide!

    Yeah, about that... So, we first ran out to look for Permit and none so we headed back to the lagoon to search for tailing bones which we found. Now, I'm not a great caster, but I'm not that bad (or so I thought), but I did scare off a few fish and the wind blew my fly off course more than once. I think I caught 2 bonefish that day as we ended up spending most of the morning chasing them as they all headed south away from us. I got a number of follows, but very few takes. I think I lost 3-4 bones. They were kind of interested in the Charlies Mario wanted me to use, but not really enought to go for it. After deciding we weren't goign to get more bones we headed off to look for Permit. And we found a large school! So, in my haste I stripped too much line off of my reel and it got tangled before I could get a cast off and they spooked, but we found them again. However, just before I got a cast off the clouds came adn we lost them, never to be found again...

    Having had enough of that crap we headed out to the reef to fish for ladyfish, the poor man's Tarpon. Now, I had only brought floating lines, but luckily I had also brought an extra fast sink poly leader. Unfortunately it was a trout one so I had to retrofit it. Did you know those things are coated mono? I cut the little mono loop off of the one and and tied a perfection loop so I could attach it to my line and then attach a bite tippet to that. My first bite tippet was a Rio toothy critter tippet which the lady fish straightened the clasp at the end. next I used Tyger leader and that held. Those fish were fun. If you go, I would suggest taking somethign that can get down to about 20-25' fairly quickly and lots of flashy chartreuse and white deep clousers with red for gills. I used my 9 weight and it seemed like a good fit for the fish I was catching. Mario was saying that there were fish much bigger, but I was having trouble getting my fly down there to them.

    Next came a lazy day after being on the water a full day with one more bonefish in the evening south of Patojo's and one large stingray (swimming by, couldn't catch it).

    Then we went snorkeling at Mexico Rocks and I got to take my Olympus SW 720 underwater with me and it performed marvelously. Except I forgot to take video...

    All in all, I saw some big barracuda, some big rays, caught a few bonefish, caught a few ladyfish (running and tail dancing like a baby tarpon), saw a ton of reef fish and wished I either had stayed up north (we were in San Pedro, south of the canal) or had a lot more money for guides. Oh, and I now have way to many flats flies. Jim, need some flies? I don't think most of these will work too well around here...
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    well crap now I'm bummed...someone else with photos of the "Grey Ghosts". Someday...

    Glad you'd enjoyed yourself. Great pics.

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    :thumb: Thanks...good report
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    Hey Willie,

    Glad you had a good time. There have been a lot of guys in the shop going to Belize. You just missed the crowds!

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    Just noticed you posted this report. Looks like a great trip!
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    Thanks for the report. I'm jealous.