American River

The steelhead are starting to make an appearance in my neck of the woods. Fished near Watt Ave this afternoon and had 6-7 hook-ups. Landed 3 to 12" along with a rough fish. Used a #14 copper john on the swing w/ floating line. Won't be long until the main runs comes in.

The riffles above the bridge.

Accidental steelhead video instead of pic.

The rough fish.




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Nice Football! That river used to be one of my haunts, more for stripers, but I ended up there for trout and steelies quite frequently. I miss it.
Glad ta oblige. The river is finally starting to get some steelies in. It rained last night and is on/off today. Hopefully it starts moving more fish. I'm going to try near Sailor Bar and the Sunrise bridge later today. Bannister Park area was dead last night.

I'm told the stripers have been good in the lower parts near Paradise Beech and Howe Ave bridge w/ clousers. I'd rather chase the steel though. I keep hoping for a 20" like I keep seeing on Kiene's web forum. Grass always seems greener in others backyards. Can't wait until my Yak trip this November or December.


Fished that secret riffle spot above the bridge again this morning. Had lots and lots of company fishing across from me on the south side of the river. Not sure how they did, but I only caught one with no other grabs in nearly 3 hours. Nearly fell on my butt on the slimy rocks while setting the hook. Rain must have slowed them down a bit. Covered pretty much all of the riffles on the north side. I was swinging a #14 copper john again on floating line.

Todays catch.:D

I caught this steelie this morning on a dry on my 5th cast. Used a #16 EHC at a secret riffle on the American River (hint - below the dam) and missed him the first two times. On the third drift he lept out of the water at least 2 feet for the take and made another 5-6 wild leaping fits before brought to hand on my 4 wt. The fight lasted 7-10 minutes on 5X tippet. Best I've done this year. Finally broke out of the 10"-14" rut I've been in these past couple of years.

FYI, this hatchery steelie was "harvested" and will make a fine companion to the abalone, artisan bread and chardonay I'll be enjoying this evening.:beer2:

I love it. I've learned over the years that I really don't need a drag. This reel is absolutely awesome it's so light. A little hard on the wallet for a reel w/no drag, but the machine work and light weight of this reel more than justify the cost. I would not hesitate to buy another. Pick one up today. I know you'll be impressed.:beer2: