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    the uinta's
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    Step 1-tie in a narrow strip of tan foam
    Step 2-starting at the bend of the hook tie in a small dun dry hackle and then a piece of olive crystal chenille or some sort of flash chenille.
    Step 3- wrap the chenille forward leaving a little space for tying in the wing, then palmer the hackle forward, tie off and wrap the thread back to the bend of the hook.
    Step 4-tie in a longer piece or brown foam, i had no brown so i used black.
    Step 5-tie in one strand of black rubber for the legs on each side of the hook.
    Step 6- lift the foam and wrap the thread forward, lay down the top foam and tie down.
    Step 7-tie in a clump of rainbow krystal flash as the under wing and then tie in a clump of light elk over the krystal flash, again i didn't have any elk so i used light deer.
    Step 8-dub some tan frystal dubbing and wrap for a head.
    Step 9-pull top foam back and tie off, clip and shape.
    Step 10-tie in another set of black rubber legs.

    Can be used as a hopper, stonefly and works well for a hopper and dropper set up.
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    I like it! It reminds me a lot of a fly I used a ton this last summer on the Yak for my hopper dropper combos. I fished that poor fly for the better part of the summer (it shows) and I am assuming it is going to give out soon, so I should start experimenting.
    Does anybody else have a fly that just keeps on ticking? I don't know why I haven't lost it by now...