An important article - 40 years after Boldt

Greg Armstrong

Complicated, isn't it?
Mr. Judd reminded me of why I quit fishing for steelhead decades ago. I figured a little less pressure on a desperately limited resource couldn't hurt.
He also painfully reminded me why I've gotten so "numb" about it all.
There's a lot at stake for all of us.
I just hope we can eventually figure it out together for the sake of the fish, as well as our kids.
In the meantime the runs just keep on getting smaller and smaller...
Thanks for posting the link Citori.


dead in the water
Saw this in the paper on Sunday. Good article. Didn't know Judd was living up here in the northlands with us Nutsackers.


Not to be confused with Freestone
Ummm, I have a problem with the statement..."I have my own theory about this: A lot of those who complain loudest about treaty fishing rights in general, and tribal gill nets in particular, are racist. But most are not." Why someone labels another as a racist because they might have a differing opinion on a subject matter is bad form IMO. Anyone who cares about the health of the species, regardless of their color or ethnic background is someone who cares about the species... and vice-versa for those that put personal gain or their need to catch above doing the right thing for the species survival.

Otherwise, good read indeed. And, I did not know his full name was George Hugo Boldt... only knew him as Judge Boldt.
Typical of a Ron Judd article...i had to read it twice just to see if he had a point or made one. More like a shitty nostalgic ride over what is a disgraceful handling of the Puget
sound salmon stocks. We have stood by those last 40 years and have seen the ecosystem that supported these fish laid to going back. I was a very happy Purse Seiner in Alaska and Washington from 1970-1974. We made great money in the salmon banks, puget sound and hood canal. After Boldt our Wa. income was cut in half. Were those fish stocks better managed in the 60's and 70's than they have been since? I'm not sure, but i do know the ecosystem has been devastated. I know I hated how the local Indians treated this gold mine handed to them, but way. I always fished on Indian boats...Haidas..tough MF...warriors. And hands down the best fisherman in AK, not one of them had any respect for the locals. Stranglers [gillnetters] lose lot's of fish, especially if the wind is blowing. Trawlers follow the Fraser River gillnet fleet after big blows and they do very well. Now put the stranglers in Puget Sound, where the wind really howls, with 4-5 standing waves and they lose well over 50% of their catch. They should have been outlawed years ago. Sorry for the rant, but it's time leave work, so I'm in a hurry and just pissed!!