Anderson Island Fishing

I have a place out on AI and wanted to know if there are areas to target SRC's or salmon from there. The property is between Lyle Point and the entrance to Oro Bay, and I have a very small boat (powered by oars or a small Minn Kota) to head out into the brine on.

I have seen guys fishing around Lyle point- what depth should I be fishing out there? Any information, especially on pattern suggestion, would be much appreciated-


Hey Pete,

I'm headed to Anderson Island this weekend with the family and was wondering if you ever had any luck fishing for SRC or pinks there? I picked up some bright maribou streamers and a couple others streamers the guy at my local fly shop recommended and thought it would be fun to give it a try, but wasn't sure if it was worth my time. Any tips? Locations to try?

I have no clue where Anderson island is, and I'm too lazy to go look it up, but I say if its saltwater this time of year then it is definitely worth a try!!
This was originally posted in 2002. Anderson Is is down by Steilacoom in S Sound next to McNeal Is. You need to catch a ferry. I was going to go for a ride with the wife for a day trip. Never made it. I think its is mostly all private property, but there has to be a public beach there somewhere.
It'll be worth your time. Focus on cobbled beaches with tidal movement. Areas where seeps or small streams enter the sound can be productive. You can use a boat, but it won't be necessary. It sounds like you'll mostly be fishing freshwater flies, so I'd start with a marabou muddler minnow. It doesn't matter if you fish it wet or skate it like a popper. If fish are in the area they'll at least give you a turn.

And if you're not getting action, keep moving. The fish are transient, frequenting favorite spots, but always on the move.