Anderson Lakes Report

My son and I spent M-F at Baker Lake doing some camping, fishing, exploring, and battling mosquitoes. Thanks to the replies I got for Watson/Anderson Lakes, Wed. morning we packed up the rods and daypacks and headed for the trailhead. We had only gotten a few fish to chase spinners at Baker so I was hoping for some hungrier fish at elevation. The road up to the trailhead is a scenic trip all it's own with fabulous views of Mt. Baker, surrounding peaks, and the lake below. We set out for the 2.5 mile hike in and were treated to a mixture of sunny meadows and cooler shaded forest. Some of the trail had plank steps and boardwalks in areas that were swampy. When we reached the fork in the trail to chose between Watson or Anderson, I told my son of the info I had gotten off the WFF website that the Watson trail would be a little easier for a 12 yr. old. His was reply was, "I'm not a wimp Dad, I've been on longer hikes than this in Scouts." So off to Anderson we went. After a little more climbing we started down hill to where the lakes were. We stopped at the first one and made our way around close to the rocky shore where the water dropped off into a deeper part of the lake. There were a few fish breaking the surface now and then which was surprising to me for an early afternoon and clear skies. I was somewhat unprepared and didn't have a large selection of dry flies so I took the smallest muddler I had and tied it on Kevin's rod. By the time I had tied on mine, he had already missed two takes. I proceeded to miss some also and figured we needed something smaller. I switched to a #8 deer hair caddis (smallest floating bug I had) and had better success. I would think something in the #12-14 range would be perfect. The fish weren't to picky, anything small and floating caught their interest and we lost a bunch but were able to land and release several small, beautiful cutthroat. We didn't stay to long as the deer flies were bitting even faster than the fish and we had not brought extra bug spray along. The hike out was pleasant. Kevin took pity on me and waited for me to catch up on the uphill climbs, plus the last half was mostly downhill. When we got back to camp we took a nice dip in the lake to cool off before dinner. All in all, a great day in the mountains. :thumb:
Nice shots of the WS cutties. K
The pictures aren't a very good representation of the true colors on those fish. The sun was very bright and I think it may have washed them out somewhat. They were very rich in color and the cut band was a brilliant orange. I was amazed compared to other cutthroat I have seen.