SBS Anderson's What Else


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Earl Anderson's Professor variation, for B.C coho and coastal cutts. Original tied with yellow wool body; couldn't find any in my wife's knitting stash so went with the Uni product.

hook - Mustad 9671 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 black
rib - small wire gold/Krystal Flask peacock
tail - yarn red
body - Uni-Stretch yellow
wing - mallard flank
hackle - hen brown
collar - peacock herl

mash barb, start thread; tie in ribs, wrap to bend

tie in yarn (extend gap width past bend)

tie in Uni-Stretch; wrap tapered body, tie off/trim

rib wire, helicopter end cover with thread

follow with KF

prep mallard flank, measure (tips just past tail), tie in/trim

tie in (folded) hackle by tip; wrap, tie off/trim

stroke fibers down, cover with thread wraps (sorry for the thumbnail; tied this between coats of primer on kitchen cabinets)

tie in peacock, wrap around thread

wrap peacock, tie off/trim, whip finish, SHHAN

Forty years ago this was our go to pattern for coho in the Harrison River and Dewdney Slough. It was a favourite there of Jack Vincent and Lee Straight. I still carry it and I've caught SRCs on it here on Vancouver Island. Can also be tied on a #8 Mustad 36890 or similar TULE salmon hook. The yarn we use is a creamy yellow and my bag of it says DMC 7727. Nice to see it as it stirs some memories. Thanks Scott.