Announcing a Nano spey-clave - 19 Oct

This posting is in response to reply #6, posted by mtlhead in "Spey Rod Winston DB Favorite 7/8". Anyway, mtlhead says that, like many of us, he's just getting into spey casting and is looking to learn from those who've been at it for awhile.

I am in the same boat as mtlhead! I've seen the videos, read the books, asked the questions, and taken the lessons. But I really would like to get with other spey enthusiasts and share hints, tips, knowledge, experiences, etc.

So, here's my proposal:

Let's have a get-together (call it a nano-clave) at the Ben Howard boat launch on the Sky. Anyone who wants to come and work on spey casting should just show up at the appointed time. We can all try to learn from each other. For example, the single-spey is not my best friend. However, I am very comfortable with the spiral roll cast on both river-right and river-left. Maybe I could trade hints with someone who is reasonably proficient at the single-spey.

Since not everyone who might be interested in attending will be able to make it (no matter what date/time is established), I'm going to propose the following:

Be at the Ben Howard Boat Launch (On the Sky at Monroe) on Saturday, 19 October, at 11:00 AM. I'll have at least a couple dozen Krispy Kremes and a full thermos of coffee.

If no one shows up, I'm gonna go fishing :BIGSMILE

For those who are able to make it, we'll trade hints and advice on how to cast more proficiently. We can ask questions about rods and lines. Maybe even find a new fishing partner or two.


Michael, I could participate and it probably will be informative and fun, but I am too new to spey casting to be able to contribute much. I have not had lessons, only videos at this point. I plan to take a few lessons when they are offered. Do you or anyone else have any recommendations for lessons? What are the directions to the Ben Howard launch. It that the launch on the North side to the bridge there in Monroe?
You should participate. Even if you just stand around and eat the doughnuts. You'll hear people talk about their difficulties, you'll see the rest of us struggle with the casts, and you'll see some folks who can gracefully lay out 90 feet of more of line (not me, tho'). All of this will help you recognize your own areas for improvement.

The Ben Howard Boat Launch is on the South Side of the river. Take SR 203 south out of Monroe. The second (I think) left is Ben Howard Road. Turn left and go about 2 miles. The Boat Launch is on the left and you can't miss it.

It's a great place to practice. A very long bar and easy wading. Kaufmann's conducts their spey casting clinics at Ben Howard. I go there to practice river left casts (and am going there this afternoon).



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What do I know---I'm just an old man

Nice shot at setting something up but since I've decieded not to spend any more money on fly gear. I put the spey thing out the window. I would like to show up and pick up a few pointers on fly fishing in general. Me with my single hander will stand out like a sore thumb.

Boy I hope we don't get alot of rain and wash this thing out.

Hey Old Man, We'll have to ride together so that you can sit there and laugh at me and be glad you had a single hander built! I just gotta' try this thing and give it a honest effort, It's alot of work trying to throw a whole line with the single hander. I fished with one of the guys from the local fly shop that just looped his linein one shot to the far bank Spey Casting, It makes it look effortless. With my single hander, I got worn out with all the false casting to get to the other side. Who knows, maby I wont like the whole Spey thing and you can have the damn rod, just stay down river and grab it when it gets thrown after hooking my ear! I'll definately try to make this, It would take an awfull lot of rain to keep me from trying. Hope to see you all there( If I get clearance)!!!

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Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

Be glad to to it with you. But the way you flay things around. I don't know if down river will be far enough.But just thinking about this way of fishing. Your left handed and all that I've seen about this is they all do it with the right hand. I don't think I've seen anybody do it left handed.

There was once a man who tried that was left handed, but he no longer has ears and he sold me his rod. Oh well, I guess I'll be on the other side of the river copying everyone. That way you'll be safe from flying hooks on the end of my line. :CLOWN

Old Man

Just an Old Man
What do I know---I'm just an old man

Shouldn't you be in bed so you can get some sleep so you will be well rested up to do some beating of the waters tomorrow. :TONGUE

If you get a video of this thing called spey fishing,you could watch it in reverse that way you could learn how. :TONGUE

See you next week some time. Kids are starting to stay in school now so I can get out more. I have tomorrow off and wednesday off. I am going to try my hand on the N/fork Stilly. Got some in-site info from a bee on what to use. :HMMM


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I don't have a Spey rod but have been fishing the hell out of a spot just up river from Ben Howard launch. In fact, I'm off on Monday and will be tossin' some hareballs I've been tying this weekend. But I'll be there on the 19th. I have never seen Spey casting and have been wondering what's up.

Those of you with single-handers should watch (buy, borrow, rent) the Derek Brown video. He shows how to spey cast with single-handers and when to use the technique.

How useful is single-handed spey casting?

I hired Mike Kinney to guide me on the Skagit last year and he taught me how to spey cast with my 8 Wt. While a 9' rod won't handle the same amount of line as a 16' rod, the usefulness of spey casting with a one-hander is inarguable. Up against a bank, with no room to backcast (common in winter/spring steelheading when the rivers are high) spey casting will get you to water not otherwise reachable with classic overhead casting.

Also, Dennis Dickson isn't a fan of spey rods, but the techniques he teaches are, for all intents and purposes, spey-casting but with single-handed rods. A great solution for smaller, tighter rivers like the Stilly.

Bring your single-hander. Adding spey-casting to your existing repertoire of casts might be very useful to you.


Hey guys, Do you think there would be any way to get someone to show up and give some technique demonstrations? I don't mean spend time teaching each one of us to cast, but to show us the propper methods and we can go from there. If anyone knows someome (A guide or other individual that is proficiant in all aspects of Spey Casting) to ask Lets see what we can get going. We may as well try to get as much as possible out of this as we can.


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I couldn't agree more. The Snap-T cast is especially useful with a single-handed rod. Spey casts tend to give you more time with the fly in the water instead of flying over your head casting.
I would love to go but have a committment on the saturday and won't be back until the 20th.
If this thing is a success maybe you coould have have another get together for practice and evaluations.
It always seems that these things come up when I have to be somewhere.
I'm going to try to be there regardless. I too have a problem, I'm not sure if I will have a line for the Spey rod by then, but if I don't I'll just show up with my single hander. It would be nice to try to tackle the methods as a group whenever possible, and hopefully on more than just this one occasion.
Good idea, I'm going to try and make it tomorrow. Should be fun, and I'm no expert, so I have lots to learn. Just got back from fishing the Vedder in BC and the Grand Ronde. Oh it was fun... See Ya Steve