Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"

Matt Burke

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Open to any registered member of Washington fly fishing dot com. March 24 thru March 31. I will be there Monday thru Friday. All past survivors will be swinging thru all that week through the weekend. To all future participants, we are going with a “Show me your grill” theme.
Zen Piscator ; Mark Bové ; John Hicks ; Salmo_g ; Ringlee ; salt dog ; hendersonbaylocal ; bhudda ; Backyard ; Chris Scoones ; Davy ; Porter ; XstreamAngler ; Jerry Daschofsky ; Steelie Mike ; agent montana ; jabseattle ; Evan Burck ; Matt Baerwalde ; Allison ; fishntiethebest ; Tightline ; nomlasder ; rick matney ; Mike Danahy ; Clint F ; William B. ; Jim Wallace ; SteveA ; Roy Evaristo ; Old Man ; Aaron O'Leary ; EMPyre ; hedburner ; spiritualized50 ; greenbucket ; sinktip ; Tyler Speir ; Runejl ; hikepat ; bum'n4trout ; flybill ; hookedonthefly ; k2flyfisher ; ML1 ; seanengman ; molly d ; Riane ; Roy Evaristo

If you're coming, please let Matt or Chris know, or just make it clear you're coming on this thread.

Chris Scoones

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It's simply a bunch of guys off the board getting together for some fishing / camping on the river for a few days. If you're unfamiliar with the area, might be a good chance to pick some brains or simply follow some others down a stretch of river. Most are coming to float, and while some rivers are not for those new on the sticks the float down to Oxbow is easy.

Come prepared for Oly Pen camping (wet). Bring firewood and beer. If Jerry shows he'll likely bring the bus sized BBQ, but it's camping so be prepared to feed yourself and ensure you have beer. Also, bring beer. I'll have a small generator running for lights for those who would like to get some tying in. If someone has some info on firewood out there, I got a truck to pick it up. I'm thinking a 1/2 chord should do the trick for the week. If anyone has a good sized wall tent it might come in handy.

Who knows what the fire will be like. Really depends on who is there and how fast we're going through the drink. Most this go around are coming to fish first, but getting our party on has been known to happen more often than not and at times it can be lively.

Looks like Oxbow C.G. on the Hoh with Bear Creek C.G. on the Sol Duc as a secondary if too many people show. Shouldn't be a problem though, especially as most of us will be there well before the weekend to reserve a few spots. Staying at the lovely hotel in the lovely town of Forks is an option to consider, I guess.

Oxbow: US 101 between mileposts 176 and 177. Site is E of hwy between road and river. Bear Creek CG: S side US 101 at milepost 206

Evan Burck

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this actually sounds like a lot of fun. don't see any reason why i shouldn't be able to make it for the weekend of the 30th. ptyd
The Northwest Fly Anglers Annual OP outing is that weekend as well. My brother's flying in from Georgia so I can inflict some winter steelheading on him. We plan on being out there most of that week. Luckily there's plenty of water over there, cuz it sounds like there will be plenty of fishers. I look forward to meeting y'all in person.
I'd like to go, it sounds like fun!

Couple of questions: I'll still be on the bench then (Dr's orders, no wading for a while longer) so are there people with driftboats there? I have a vehicle burly enough to tow a boat if that helps.

Also, I currently only have a 5 weight 5 piece fly rod. I assume that might be inadequate....?

Matt Paluch

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I've got a Clacka with 2 open seats and adequate gear for those in my boat... I haven't drifted those rivers before, but know my sh...t. Looking forward to seeing you all there!



I'm sure there'll be people with boats over there. If I go there'll be an open seat in the raft. If you decide to go send me a pm. I have an 8 wt setup you could use.


I hear alot about floating, is wading an option?
With many different rivers to chose from wading might be the best option.

Flies... Black, pink and purple marabous or equivalent rabbit strip flies will all work. I wouldn't tie them (most) without barbells, coneheads or plenty of lead in them.
Wish I was still out there, I'd be on the water for another good skunking in a jiffy.

Actually, got a new 8 wt as a parting gift from my last gig, and this would sure be a good chance to get it broken in.

Maybe I can coordinate a trip back West with this event...


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I'll be over Wednesday night at least through Friday, and I'll drag the drifter. Suitable for the HOH or the Bogy. Room for two. Let's see, I drink Beer. I am an old, cranky guy, so I'll probably wus out and do the hotel thing.