Announcing, "The ’08 O.P. Bash"


Royalty of Renton
I'll be there Friday thru Sunday and might have room for 1 more for a carpool (I'd like to leave early Friday, or maybe Thursday pm - it might be too late to go Thurs, but, if not, that would be cool.).

PM me if there are any takers.


James Mello

Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"
I'm planing on going, might bring my brother if nobody minds. Only thing is he's dead...figured he'd want to do a roadie to the coast. It's not like a weekend at Bernie's thing, he's cremated and in a little black plastic box, so he's not like a stiff or a walking zombie. But back in the day he liked to party down, he never did fish much though cept' sit on the bank soaking a worm and downing a few beers.
Been dealing with the VA for months now with there paperwork, would like to send him off with the military honor's and gun salute, taps and flag ceremony. But until then he's been sitting here on my dresser just as well do something with him.
Seat still open on any boat? He could sit on my lap.

And he had a helluva sense of humor too so it's not like it's any disrespect.
That's one of the coolest things I've heard so far... I don't have a boat, but we can definately get together when you get there... Let's make sure he gets a good time :)

-- Cheers
-- James

PS PM me your digits, I lost them and I've been meaning to call!

Matt Burke

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Ok, I edited the list on the first thread because there is some kind of software glitch that keeps writing the same names twice. Anyway, that is 38 people so far in four days for an event that doesn’t happen for seven weeks. That’s kewl! Whatever.

If your name is not on the first thread, but you’re going then say so in reply to this thread of PM Scoones or me. I’m going to try to put up a graphic with what days each person will be there during the week. Opps, never did a graphic before. Geriatrics I can do, but this may not be in the scope of me practice.


Erich with an H -Top Water Soldier-
Now, see ,,there yuh go, you get a seat in the boat for sure

(just outta arms length from the cooler)
Thanks I wasn't planning on asking anybody to hold a boat seat for me, but since you're offering, I've got 6er with you name on it. What's your flavor?
This sounds like fun. Although, I cant see the additional pressure help me catch any fish. Its not like I catch anything but a cold when Steelheading anyways:)! Id be there possibly on the weekend and could bring a keg of Boundary Bay Scotch in trade for seats on a boat that weekend. I dont have my own but I can row also.


Jerry Daschofsky

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I'm hoping to be there late Friday evening. Hopefully people who are there won't be too bombed. LOL. Since I have my camper, can fit about anywhere and drop the jacks. :)


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What beer does the dead dude drink? :beer1:

RE Graph: My tentative plan is to arrive Thursday afternoon/evening to Friday or Saturday night depending on my kids Saturday sporting activities. :confused: