Another area 9 report but with a twist

I was three people away and saw them as well. I would say they were even closer, more like 30 feet than 50 away, and there were three of them. One of the most amazing sights I have seen on the water.
That is exceptional. Crazier yet when considering most of the orcas that travel in small groups (1 or 2-3) are usually "transients" which feed mostly on marine mammals rather than salmon like the Southern resident pod orcas (larger groups) which are salmon feeders.

Maybe a seal grabbed the fish and then the orca grabbed the seal while it was trying to snack. Or maybe that orca just decided that the struggling salmon looked tasty.

Whatever the scenario that is an awesome experience.
There were a number of gear guys talking about it this morning on the're famous! haha My morning wasn't as exciting, but I still managed to hook up (with salmon...not whales).
That is crazy!! That will be one of those moments you'll remember for the rest of your life like it just happened. I've heard of that happening from a boat, with gear rods, but never from the shore and with a fly! Wow


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could you send them my way. we have too many seals here in the Everett area. almost scared to hook a fish knowing one might be at your feet when it comes time to land your fish.