Another day in the South Sound

Jim Speaker

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A classic gray winter day on the South Sound beckoned to my little boat and she relayed the message to me. Bob, you hadn't mentioned this about her when we talked... :hmmm: I had to go somewhere I hadn't been before, somewhere I had been wanting to check out but couldn't before. Maps came out spread across the table, tide tables and marine forecasts shot across the internet, I found my launch point and area of exploration and got to it.

There was really not a breath of wind for the first couple hours. As forecast, a small breeze of around 7 or 8 knots came up with some small wind waves. No problemo. It was just a couple miles to my destination island, where I found I had some residents active - no, not coho, harbor seals. The first pic is the only one that was ashore and flopped down the beach when it saw me.

I continued to putt around the island to check out the rest of the structure before deciding where to cast first when I came upon some nice looking kelp beds and gravelly areas between, and heard the call of an eagle, the second picture. So I killed the motor and slowly moved with the current tossing casts to the beach and varying retrieves, got a bump after a few minutes and saw a few fish following my fly - almost certainly coho.

There weren't a lot of fish to be found, probly missed about 10 takes and landed 1 incidental coho as I worked this little island all the way around hoping for some SRC in the fine structure... lost a fly to that structure. This is gonna be a good spot that I'll come back to, it's just... February. After a while I took a little smoke break out of the wind that had come up, third pic is the Bras de Fer at a pretty low, inbound tide.

It just started feelin' colder and lookin' like some rain could be coming in soon - didn't wanna get caught with any big gusts if something developed, had a feeling... headed back about 2:30 pm or so continuing to scope things out along the way. One fish caught and much cool exploration done.




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ultra cool post, Speaker.
one of the virtues of smaller boats is you don't whizz by things at 40mph and miss good you found out.

If I'd have told you the boat was haunted, I'd have had to knock another hundred off:rofl:

:thumb::thumb::thumb:great day! I was at work, ya sumbitch...:D:D